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|NIIP                = a
|NIIP                = a
|debt                = €0
|debt                = €0
|deficit              = -30 / -50% of GDP (''Budget surplus'')
|deficit              = -30% (''Budget surplus'')
|revenue              =  
|revenue              = €152.50
|expenses            = 0
|expenses            = €102.50
|aid                  = a
|aid                  = a
|credit              = a
|credit              = a
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|infovalue            = EUR
|infovalue            = EUR
The '''Economy of Leylandiistan & Gurvata'' is a mixed market model based largely on its agricultural sector.
'''ECONOMIC DATA FOR THE FIRST QUARTER OF THE YEAR, OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2014, WILL BE PUBLISHED BY THE NATIONAL TREASURY ON 31 DEC. 2014''', or thereabout. The data displayed on this page are estimates only.

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Economy of Leylandiistan & Gurvata
The Flag of Leylandiistan
CurrencyEuro (€)
GDPYet to be calculated
GDP growthN/A
GDP per capita£1.92
GDP by sectorApprox. figured
Agriculture: 70%
Services: 28%
Manufacturing: 2%
GDP by componenta
InflationRate yet to be calculated
below poverty line
Gini coefficienta
Labour forcea
Labour force
by occupation
Average gross salarya
Median gross salarya
Average net salarya
Median net salarya
Main industriesAgriculture
Ease of Doing Business Ranka
ExportsApprox. £10
Export goodsHerbs, Cider, Apples.
Main export partnersSjeplogo.pngSJEP members
Import goodsFuel, food & drink, clothing
Main import partnersIRLflag.png Ireland
Sjeplogo.png SJEP members
FDI stocka
Current accounta
Gross external debta
Public finances
Public debt€0
Budget deficit-30% (Budget surplus)
Economic aida
Credit ratinga
Foreign reserves50
All values, unless otherwise stated, are in EUR

The 'Economy of Leylandiistan & Gurvata is a mixed market model based largely on its agricultural sector.