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{{Infobox economy
{{Infobox economy
|country              = [[Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan|Leylandiistan]]
|country              = [[Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan|Leylandiistan]]
|image                = [[File:source.png]]
|image                = [[File:source.png|76px]]
|width                = 75px
|width                =  
|caption              = The Flag of Leylandiistan
|caption              = The Flag of Leylandiistan
|currency            = [[w:Euro|Euro]] (EUR)
|currency            = [[w:Euro|Euro]] (EUR)

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Economy of Leylandiistan
The Flag of Leylandiistan
CurrencyEuro (EUR)
Fiscal yearOfficially Feb. 16 - Feb 15.
GDPApprox. £50
GDP growthN/A
GDP per capita£1.92
GDP by sectorApprox. figured

Agriculture: 60%
Manufacturing: 20%

Services: 20%
GDP by componenta
InflationRate unknown as of yet
below poverty line
Gini coefficienta
Labour forcea
Labour force
by occupation
Average gross salarya
Median gross salarya
Average net salarya
Median net salarya
Main industriesPlums, pears, peaches, wines, eggs, media, software, flags
Ease of Doing Business Ranka
ExportsApprox. £10
Export goodsMedia (videos)
Main export partnersThe Internet
ImportsApprox. 30,000
Import goodsFoods, fuel (natural gas, petrol, diesel), Clothing, other household goods.
Main import partnersUKFLAG.png United Kingdom
Ashukovo flag.png Ashukov Federation
FDI stocka
Current accounta
Gross external debta
Public finances
Public debt£0
Budget deficit-30 / -50% of GDP (Budget surplus)
Economic aida
Credit ratinga
Foreign reserves50
All values, unless otherwise stated, are in EUR

Please note that while Leylandiistan undergoes its transition to becoming a federal state, economic statistics are currently unavailable.