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Name Flag Mayor Description
Mladorossija Mladorossija flag.png N/A Most populated area
Halifax Halifax flag.png N/A De facto capital
Sazan - Džoltovolk SazanAkharnes.png Emmanouil Tsompanoglou Former capital
Kaldaria Kaldaria flag.png N/A Uninhabited claim in Antarctica.

Jacobs Arms.png House of Afentoulis CoA.png Huff.png
Edward I
since 2018
Manolis Afentoulis
Grand Chancellor
since 2020
Noël Sallier
Federal Commissioner
since 2020

Edward I
Edward I's Arms
7th President of Ashukovo
In office
  • 12 January 2018 – present
Predecessor Noel Sallier
Vice-President Noel Sallier
5th President of Ashukovo
Assumed office
  • 29 January 2017 –
  • 25 June 2017
Predecessor Jacob Huff
Successor Jacob Huff
Vice-President Manolis Afentoulis
2nd President of Ashukovo
Assumed office
  • 25 September 2013 –
  • 25 January 2014
Predecessor Joseph Kennedy
Successor Sebastian Schriber
Prime Ministers Joseph Kennedy,
Sebastian Schriber
House Jacobs
Religion Orthodox Church of Ashukovo
Grand Duchy of Vredeswyk
Groothertogdom Vredeswyk
—  Grand Duchy  —


Motto: Vryhed en krag (Afrikaans)
Freedom and power
Country Kingdom of Ashukovo flag.png Ashukovo
 - Grand Duke Edward I
Population (2021)
 - Total 3
Demonym Vreden
Time zone GMT+1
Official languages Afrikaans, Dutch, English
Prince of All Ashukovo
Принц Всея Ашуково
Jacobs Greater Arms.png
Edward I

Style His Serene Highness
First monarch Edward I
Formation 20 April 2020
Residence Mladorossija, Ashukovo,
San Scoglio, Commonwealth of New Virginia

Noble titles of Ashukovo
Title Application Style of Address

His Serenity The Prince of All Ashukovo

(Его Сиятельство Князь Всея Ашуково)

Applied to the Jacobs family. Your Serenity

(Ваше Сиятельство)


His Grace the Duke

(Его Светлость Герцог)

Your Grace

(Ваша Светлость)


His Grace The Marquis

(Его Светлость Маркиз)

Your Grace

(Ваша Светлость)


His Grace the Count

(Его Светлость Граф)

Highest rank of nobility accessible to non-residents of Ashukovo. Your Grace

(Ваша Светлость)


The Well Born Baron

(Его Благородие Барон)

The lowest rank of hereditary nobility. The Well Born

(Ваше Благородие)

Viceregal styles of
His Serenity Prince of All Ashukovo Edward I
Reference styleHis Serenity
Spoken styleYour Serenity
Alternative style{{{altstyle}}}
Styles of
Edward I
Jacobs Flag.png
Reference style His Serenity
Spoken style Your Serenity
Alternative style Sir


  • His Serenity Prince of All Ashukovo Edward I

Dukes and Duchesses

  • His Grace Duke X

Marquis and Marquises

  • His Grace Marquis X

Counts and Countesses

  • His Grace Count X

Barons and Baronesses

  • The Well Born Baron X

Nobles in order of precedence

The following is a list of all Nobles in order of precedence.

  1. HS Edward I, as Prince of All-Ashukovo
  2. XXX, as Duke of Meridionalis

Knights and Ladies Companion

Member number Allegiance Name Known for Date of appointment Arms
1 Jacobs Flag.png House of Jacobs Prince George Member of House of Jacobs 21 May 2020 N/A