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Kingdom of Coria (EN)
Kraljevina Korija (COR)
Краљевина Корија(SR)
Royaume de Corée (FR)

2015 — present

Flag of Coria
Coat of Arms of Coria

"Kingdom of Justice"
For the life of Coria
Capital cityCoria
Largest cityOrleandia
Official language(s)Corian, Serbian & French
- KingNikola I
- Prime MinisterStewart Florian
Established30 November 2015
Area claimed503m²
Population23 (8 abroad included)
CurrencyCorian Credit
Time zoneCET
National sportFutsal
National dishMugcake
National drinkLemonade
National animalEuropean Rabbit
This nation is a member of the International Agricultural Development Pact and the Grand Unified Micronational.

Coria, officially the Kingdom of Coria (in Serbian Краљевина Корија Kraljevina Korija), is a micronation founded on 30 November 2015, located in Europe.



Before Coria is founded, the future King had one "experimental" micronation, he tried seccesionism and simulationism. His "experimental" micronation was alive for 3 months.

Kingdom of Seia

The Kingdom of Seia was founded on 29 November 2015 on small unhabited piece of land (More acurrately a very small field). It was dissolved after a day because of one reason. Word Seia (Seja on Corian and Serbian) is old word for "sister", and sounds funny.

Beginning of Coria

King Nikola I of Coria founded Kingdom of Coria on 30 November 2015. First three days Coria was set on the same place as Seia (Very small field). Before moving it's territory to house where King lives, he had some ideas for making Coria's economy and infrastructure better, but all of that ideas failed really bad. After that, territories were moved to house where King lives. It was way more comfortable and easier to govern a micronation.


(Holidays) Static

Date Holiday
1 Jan First New Year's Day
6 Jan Christmas Eve
7 Jan Christmas Day
14 Jan St. Basil of Caesarea Day
14 Feb Valentine's Day
8 Mar International Women's Day
1 Apr April Fools
22 Apr Earth's Day
1 May International Workers' Day
3 May World Press Freedom Day
21 Jun World Music Day
11 Jul World Population Day
12 Aug International Youth Day
1 Oct International Day of Older Persons
24 Oct Friendship Day
20 Nov World Television Day
30 Nov Independence Day
31 Dec New Year Eve

(Holidays) Variable

Date Holiday
TBD (2018) Easter (Orthodox)


Coria's capital (Coria City) is on about 100m above sea level. Country is landlocked and nearest watercourse is river Danube. Coria is divided in 5 municipalities.

Administrative Divisions

Kingdom of Coria has four administrative divisions.

Flag Postal code City Claimed area Population Mayor
CoriaAD.png COR Coria 145 m² 3 Nikola I
OrleandiaAD.png ORL Orleandia 104 m² 7 Lazare Stojanovic
Astaronia.PNG AST Malingre 94 m² 2 Sreten Jovanovic
Stefia.png STE Stefka 110 m² 3 Stefan Jovanovic
40px SBA Sremska Banja 50 m² 0 Nikola I


Coria is well known by it's export of agricultural goods. Most known agricultural goods of Coria are cherries and peaches that goes mostly to Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, England and Russia. Main import is food and drink.


Kingdom of Coria has 14 embassies in 14 countries.

Map of countries with Corian embassies.
Country City Мission
Algeria Algiers Embassy
Austria Vienna Embassy
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bijeljina Embassy
Croatia Osijek Embassy
France Paris Embassy
Greece Stavros Embassy
Macedonia Štip Embassy
Montenegro Budva Embassy
Morroco Rabat Embassy
Serbia Belgrade Embassy
Slovenia Bled Embassy
Switzerland Zürich Embassy
Russia Tyumen Embassy
United States Washington D.C. Embassy


Corian Armed Forces are the national military of the nation. The main branch is the Corian Army. The second branch is the Corian Navy. Military is funded by Corian Budget.

Intervention of Corian Military

Corian military intervened in following conflicts:


One of Corian educational instutions is University of Coria. There are four libraries in Coria, most known is located in the capital, with more than 150 books.


Coria is popular by playing futsal.

Team Tournament(s)
Futsal Grocka Amateur Futsal Cup



Coria has a two different TV channels, these are Coria TV and TFC.


Coria has only one online newspaper agency, Artikal.


Telecom Coria runs mobile telephony and broadband internet in Coria.


Correct as of 20 April 2017

EthnicityCoria.svg ReligionCoria.svg LanguagesCoria.svg


OrdenOfFriendship.png Order of Friendship - Given to leaders of micronations with good diplomatic relations with Coria.


OrdenOfKing.png Order of King - Given to all Kings of Coria.

Recipient :

Ordenloyalty.png Order of Loyalty




International Organizations joined

Organization Date
Microagpact.png International Agricultural Development Pact 19 November 2016
GUM nlogo.PNG Grand Unified Micronational 4 December 2016

Former International Organizations joined

Organization Date
Union Against Micronational War logo.png Union Against Micronational War 8 December 2015 - 17 December 2015
UMM.jpg Union of Micronational Monarchies 11 December 2015 - 12 December 2016
Flag United Micronations 2015.jpg United Micronations 29 January 2016 - 12 December 2016
PAFlag.jpg Pentagonial Alliance 10 June 2016 - 12 December 2016
Europeanmicronationsunionflag.png European Micronations Union 23 July 2016 - 2 April 2017
BU.jpg Balkan Union 10 January 2017 - 27 June 2017

Unilateral Recognizions

Formal relations



Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia on unknown date


Great Kingdom of Sexistan 10 December 2015


Kingdom of Serbica on 14 December 2015


People's Republic of Arizoce on unknown date


Slide1.PNG Herbatrean Federation on January 30 2016

Flaggyflag.png Popular Union of Occitania on March 3 2016

Fairfax.jpg Democratic Republic of Fairfax April 9 2016

Belajio.jpg Kingdom of Belajio on 12 June 2016

KingdomAnasia.jpg Kingdom of Anasia on 12 June 2016

Tchecoslavia.jpg Republic of Tchecoslavia on 7 July 2016

ImvrassiaFlag.jpg Kingdom of Imvrassia on 1 August 2016

Aeternia.png Aeternian Empire on 11 September 2016

Elsanor flag3.png Kingdom of Elsanor on 9 December 2016

Kingdom of Shorewell Flag.jpg Shorewellese Empire on 18 December 2016


Danube Flag.png Grand Principality of Danube on 23 January 2017

Lundenwicflag1.png Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic on 8 February 2017

Khanate of Nedland on 29 March 2017

Florian Republicflag.svg Florian Republic on 6 May 2017

Flag of Ashukovo.png Ashukov Federation on 11 May 2017

Mahus.png Confederation of Mahuset on 21 May 2017

Abeldane flag.jpg Abeldane Empire and the Commonwealth on 10 July 2017

Informal relations


Friendly relations

Molossia flag.png Republic of Molossia on 27 November 2016

Not Recognized