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Kingdom Of Cordonia 2015-present

The Kingdom of Cordonia is an absolute Monarchy With Conservative Social Polices the current ruler of the kingdom of cordonia is king george XVI the kingdom of cordonia is 3 years old The queen of Cordonia is Queen Charlotte XVII The Country has an imperialist idealology and its religion is Christianity The head of church is KG XVI The Kingdom of cordonia also has a parliament meeting every month or so the head of parliament is lord Nelson XV The Cordonian Admiral is lord Nelson XI the Kingdom Of Cordonia uses the sterling currency system made originally by the british The Kingdom of cordonia has had no wars and has a small population of 23,456 people The current heir to the Cordonian throne is Prince Charles The Fourth the Color of the uniforms of the Cordonian Imperial army is blue in the past but now its camouflage The country has a medium sized army and navy and has had a revolution in the past which almost ended the Monarchy