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Welcome to the user page of King Anonymous I!

About me:

I'm a relatively new micronationalist, so humor me if I make a stupid mistake. (Like the Nocat incident)

I live in West Virginia most of the time.

If you say "paddle faster, I hear banjos" I will declare war on your nation.

I'm a native to the Pittsburgh area.

I like cats and you will never convince me that they aren't great.

Contact me at I check the inbox only every couple days, so don't judge if it takes me a bit to respond.

I am not against micronational warfare. I believe that it is ok as long as it doesn't involve randomly shooting people when there are better solutions.

I created the Troll Troll, join me in putting template:Trolled all over Liahonia's user page.

I am a veteran of the Raider War, and I received the only major casualty on our side during the entire war.

(It was a tiny scratch from a pinecone thrown at me from 3 feet away lol)

My full title is "King Anonymous the First of Suttornland, High Commandant of the Combined Suttornlandic Military", but I fully plan on making it longer because apparently longer title = more powerful.


Not how this works I know.

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