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2021 Des Plaines conflict
Left-to-right: a Weg soldier in Bobbygrad and a Ponderosan soldier defending the County of the Rainbowlands.
DateMarch 5, 2021 (2021-03-05) – present
(7 months and 17 days)
Weg province of Hilda, Rainbowlands


  • Rainbowlands occupied by Urraca Pact
  • 3 cities under occupation by Rodentian forces

Diplomatic support:

Flag of the Federal Union of Wegmat.svg Wegmat
Flag of Ponderosa Hills.svg Ponderosa Hills
Tesforia Flag.png Tesforia
Pucs.jpeg Chaveleir Union
Flag of Macedonia.png New Macedonia

Diplomatic support:

Commanders and leaders
Rodentia.jpeg Edward Oaches
Philmont flag.jpg Gen. Sebastian Gustavo
06236A46-4F4E-4DAC-ADBD-FD215C37D099.jpg Vladimir Baruh
Flag of the Federal Union of Wegmat.svg Cole Baird
Flag of Ponderosa Hills.svg Leon Montan
Tesforia Flag.png Brennan Sulivan
Pucs.jpeg Monterry Euclid
Flag of Macedonia.png Samuel the Great
Units involved

Rodentian Military Seal.jpg Rodentian Imperial Army

  • 1st Infantry Division
  • 2nd Infantry Division
  • 1st Fighter Squadron
  • 1st Destroyer Fleet
  • Special Operative Unit
Foreign legions under Philmont command

WAF2.jpeg Wegmat Armed Forces

  • 1st Infantry Division
  • 2nd Infantry Division
  • 1st Armored Division
  • 2nd Flotilla
  • 3rd Bomb Squadron
  • 1st Fighter Squadron

Revolutionary Defense Forces

  • 2nd Infantry Brigade
  • 4th Infantry Brigade

The 2021 Des Plaines conflict, also known as the Weg-Rodentian war and the Great Des Plaines Valley War began following a coup d'état in the Republic of Rodentia on 5 March 2021 by Edward Oaches, who deposed the incumbent President, declared himself Emperor and installed marshal law.



Rodentia, formerly the Republic of Rodentia, was created in June of 2020 by Sinlo Chambell, who acted as its President from its founding until 5 March.


Coup d'état

On 5 March 2021, at 12:37 PM CST, it was announced that the Republic of Rodentia, located near the Des Plaines River, was overthrown by Edward Oaches. The government of Rodentia, as well as President Chambell, were deposed from power, and Edward declared marshall law within Rodentia. In an article from Wegmat General Broadcaster, Edward stated that

The socialist powers in the Rainbowlands[a] must leave within 30 days or we’ll make you leave, and the homeland countries of the Chaveleir Union and Wegmat mush remove socialist parties or face future consequences. If war must happen we wont stop at anything.

— Edward Oaches

Said article also reported that Rodentian forces were seen "mobilizing defensive positions across the Des Plaines River".[1]


On 5 March, Rodentian soldiers entered the city of Bobbygrad, occupying a building within the center of said city. Following the occupation Weg soldiers underneath the Wegmat Marines besieged the building until the Rodentian forces ran out of ammunition and retreated.[1][2]


On 6 March, the cities of Isadora, Evansville and Little Warsaw were evacuated due to a possible threat of invasion from Rodentia.[3] An E-4 warning was also sent out to these cities, indicating that invasion was imminent.

Rodentian forces invaded "a military base north of Little Warsaw" (probably Fort Jerome) around the same time;[2] within 6 hours it was announced that they were pushed out.


On 19 March, Rodentia, along with the Philmont Confederation, launched an invasion of the so-called Rainbowlands, which consisted of numerous plots managed by the Des Plaines Union. The coalition captured Hilda Highlands National Park, and by the end of the day the Rainbowlands were occupied. The occupation of the Rainbowlands resulted in a declaration of war by Ponderosa Hills on 25 March[4] and another by Tesforia sometime in late March. In April of 2021, the Commonwealth of Naveria and the Kingdom of Begon released their territories in the Rainbowlands.

New Germany

On 9 April, during a meeting between Prime Minister Cole Baird and Vladimir Baruh, the latter announced the reformation of the Empire of New Germany; following negotiations going nowhere, the Prime Minister was evacuated from Bobbygrad while New German soldiers seized numerous government buildings. Weg forces were then mobilized from Fort Priory to positions near Bobbygrad Priory Intermicronational Airport and the city of Westerwald; the latter serves as the de facto capital of the Free Syndical Republic of the Alley.