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{{Infobox Document
|document_name = Official Provisional constitution of the Kingdom of Borgsland
|image        = Provisonal Constitution of Borgsland.png
|image_width  = 200px
|date_created  =
|date_ratified = [[w:Janissary 25|Janissary 25]] [[2019]]
|location_of_document = [[Emmanualsburg]]
|writer  = [[Justinian, King of the Borgslandics]]
|signers =
|purpose = serve as the [[w:Provisional constitution|provisional constitution]] of [[Borgsland]]
The '''[[w:Provisional Constitution|Provisional constitution]] of the Kingdom of Borgsland''' is the Highest law in [[Borgsland]]
== Content ==
[[Borgsland|Borgsland's]] provisional constitution is prefaced with the statement that a permanent constitution shall be drafted after Borgsland's population has surpassed ten citizens, and that it will follow several of the principles in the provisional constitution. The constitution is divined into ten articles, each a single paragraph.
The first article establishes that the provisional constitution is the highest law in the land, the second outlines the current duties of [[Monarchy in Borgsland|The King]] and the [[Royal Government of Borgsland|Royal Government]], the third outlines the rights of Borgslandic citizens and explains the process for applying for citizenship, the forth explains the [[Maltus]] and taxes, the fifth

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