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{{Infobox Document
|document_name = Official Provisional constitution of the Kingdom of Borgsland
|image        = Provisonal Constitution of Borgsland.png
|image_width  = 200px
|date_created  =
|date_ratified = [[w:Janissary 25|Janissary 25]] [[2019]]
|location_of_document = [[Emmanualsburg]]
|writer  = [[Justinian, King of the Borgslandics]]
|signers =
|purpose = serve as the [[w:Provisional constitution|provisional constitution]] of [[Borgsland]]
== Content ==
[[Borgsland|Borgsland's]] provisional constitution is prefaced with the statement that a permanent constitution shall be drafted after Borgsland's population has surpassed ten citizens. The constitution is divined into ten articles, each a single paragraph.
The first article establishes that the provisional constitution is the highest law in the land (at least currently), the second outlines the duties of [[Monarchy in Borgsland|The King]] and the [[Royal Government of Borgsland|Royal Government]]

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