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Signature of Zerorius Hiruko

His Royal Imperator Zerorius Hiruko or Chaichan Prarop (real name) is the Regent of Quorum and Chairman of Quorum Affairs Council. He was born on 31 January 2003. His legacy as Micronationalist is forming the country name Molco and make their legacy. Then, the abdication of first Emperor of Molco, he as Crown Prince of Molco crowned himself to Emperor of Molco and declared the Supreme Federal Leader (Bundesführer der Mölconichen Zentral Demokratischen Reich und Volksbundesrepublik, lit: Federal Leader of Molcian Central Democratic People's Federal Republic and Reich of Molco), the supreme head of Molco. After dissolving the Greater Serene Realm of Bundestopia. He gathered his friend and reestablished Molco and make themselves to founding fathers of Molco. He holds the title of His Royal Imperator as Head of Molco-Sevina Dynasty, the Progenitor Branch and Civilian Branch.

His military rank is Generalissimo of Molco Federated Armed Force and Generalissimo of Izoroku Armed Force.

Molco Federated Armed Force Izoroku Armed Force
English: Generalissimo
Thai: จอมพลสูงสุดแห่งสหพันธ์ Thai: จอมพลสูงสุดแหงกองทัพทั้งมวล
Chinese:陆海空联合军大元帅 (Lu4 Hai3 Kong1 Jun1 Lian2 He2 Da4 Yuan2 Shaui4) Chinese:大全军大元帅 (Da4 Quan2 Jun1 Da4 Yuan2 Shuai4)
Japanese: 大元帥陸海軍大将 (Daigensui-Riku-Kai-Gun-Taisho) Japanese:大元帥大全軍大将 (三大大将)(Daigensui-Daisengun-Taisho or Sandai Taisho)

My Novel's Countries Information

United Magical Communes of Greater Arcanol

Capital cityArcanopolis
Official language(s)Arcanolian
GovernmentHybrid-Anarchy Confederation, Parliamentary Semi-presidential, Directorial Republic
- Primus Magistrate der Arcanolus CouncilCaius Dexsius Synistor
- Triumviri der Arcanolus CouncilEric Feigenspan
Ulrich Unger
Decius Fabius Indus
- Chief Commander of United Magical Councils' CongressGeironul von Luffindolf
- Imperator di Magiculus LegionGallio Caprenius Dignus
LegislatureArcanolian League's Congress
- Upper HouseUnited Magical Councils' Congress
- Lower HouseVolksrat der Arcanolichesbund
- Type - Tricameralism