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Alexander Manley, is a American-Anarcian politician. He is known as the founder of Anarcia, and the chancellor of the MACP. He is currently 16 (born 3 October 2004) and lives in Tennessee.

His life

After being born in California, US his parents divorced, they moved to Tennessee. After learning about countries, geography, and being into diverse history (notably the Ukrainian SSR) he devoted himself in 2017 to making the New State of Greenland, as well as calling it "Nuuk" with him as the only member looking to make Greenland a cold utopia similar to the UAE but well, cold. After making the idea for about a week, he quit and stumbled into micro-nationalism again in September of 2018, making "Anarticia" which had the aim to make Antartica and Greenland utopius lands. After creating posters, and advertising Anarcia at his school him and his best friend, known to have co-founded Anarticia, Neris Abyss decided to give up. A few months later, discovering the server was active Alexander recreated his nation idea, changing the name to something simpler from which it was then known as "Anarcia". After this also didn't drag activity he gave up micro-nationalism and wouldn't return until the end of 2019. During 2019, and the end of 2019 the Primmus Federation was founded, having a monarchy although somewhat federalist, having a goal to make a community of every nationality combined together. When the Primmus Federation went through multiple changed, including a communist stance it then fell to inactivity and it's government in exile. In late 2020, after starting and failing to get Ukryna any traction and joining the MACP beforehand, Alexander revived Anarcia inviting the few active members as well as changing the government to be more free. Later on, he would technically coup the MACP though still winning in appointment and change it from totalitarianism to a more democratic organization. He was the last chancellor of the MACP, and stands as President of Anarcia and announced candidacy for an election for president in 2021. As of currently due to lack of candidates he is the acting president.