User:Emperor Nicholas Kaos/Sandbox1

Number Portrait Name
Main Honor
Term of Office Political Party Monarch Short Description
1 Kaos portrait 3.jpg Nicholas Kaos
His Majesty and Royal Highness
20 June - 14 November 2017 Imperial Socialist Party Empress Artemis Langford First First Leader/Prime Minister of Aarbaro. Witnessed the formation of the Empire and the coronation of the Empress. Formed the original government. Serves under one monarch.
2 SF.jpg Stephen Freayth
His Excellency
14 November 2017 - 1 January 2018 Independent Empress Artemis Langford The second First Leader, taking the position after Nicholas Kaos resigned. Was the final First leader after a trilateral agreement for the dissolution of Aarbaro by Kaos, Langford, and himself.