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{{Election Summary Begin|title = Devon County Council election, 2021}}
{{Election Summary Begin|title = Devon County Council election, 2021}}
{{Election Summary Party|
{{Election Summary Party|
   |party      = Conservative Party (UK)
   |party      = Labor Party of House Hold
   |seats      =  
   |seats      =  
   |gain      =  
   |gain      =  

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Devon County Council election, 2021
Party Seats Gains Losses Net gain/loss Seats % Votes % Votes +/−
style="background-color: Template:East Devon Alliance/meta/color; width: 3px;" |   East Devon Alliance
style="background-color: Template:For Britain Movement/meta/color; width: 3px;" |   For Britain Movement
style="background-color: Template:Freedom Alliance (UK)/meta/color; width: 3px;" |   Freedom Alliance (UK)
style="background-color: Template:Green Party of England and Wales/meta/color; width: 3px;" |   Green Party of England and Wales
style="background-color: Template:Labour and Co-operative/meta/color; width: 3px;" |   Labour and Co-operative
  Liberal Democrats
style="background-color: Template:Reform UK/meta/color; width: 3px;" |   Reform UK
style="background-color: Template:Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition/meta/color; width: 3px;" |   Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
style="background-color: Template:UK Independence Party/meta/color; width: 3px;" |   UK Independence Party
style="background-color: Template:Women's Equality Party/meta/color; width: 3px;" |   Women's Equality Party
style="background-color: Template:Other parties/meta/color; width: 3px;" |   Other parties
style="background-color: Template:Independent (politician)/meta/color; width: 3px;" |   Independent