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Joined 13 December 2018


Master Daniel George Hall
1rst Constitution Minister
Assumed office:
December 18, 2018
Preceded by: HRH Queen Elizabeth
Succeeded by: -
Chief of A1 Civil Security Service
Assumed office:
October 13, 2009
Preceded by: Position Established
Succeeded by: -
General Officer Commanding A1 Defence Force
Assumed office:
January 23, 2010
Preceded by: Captain Himeesh Sekulovsky
Succeeded by: Lieutenant-General Marka Mejakhansk
3rd Deputy Chairman
Assumed office:
February 23, 2010
Preceded by: Tomas Caulfield
Succeeded by: -
Personal information
Macronationality: Canadian
Motto: The whipped horse bites.
Royal anthemGod save the Queen
Anthem: The last band of life
GovernmentLeaderless resistance
LegislatureAll decisions that fall within local laws must be approved by Daniel Hall all judgments against claimed followers of the constitution must be approved by Daniel Hall anything else falls to local cells.
Follows local laws of any supporting nation that do not conflict. An attack on one is an attack on all.
CurrencyLocal currencies are honoured but most agree actions are the offical currency within the party an action for an action.
Patron saintChuck Norris

Sovereignty Consititution Freedom Party of Canada supports the Constitution written by Daniel Hall and is an International party that supports Freedom and Sovereignty of its citizen's within their local communities.

The Constitutional Act of 2018

The purpose of this act is to enable free acting cells of sovereign citizens and to protect the free thinking people of the world.

1.No man or woman may act against another following this constitution to infringe on his sovereignty or freedom or he shall be ostracized.

2.All Free thinking Sovereigns shall swear allegiance to this constitution.

3.Any attacks on one is an attack on all.

4.You shall never condemn any actions deemed as constitutional or in defense of this constitution.

5.a)No person shall condone genocide of any race, animal, or species in full.

b)some exceptions can be made for disease control but if possible material should be retained.

6.Any person condemning truth or calling for the silencing of truth for any reason whatsoever shall be put before an impartial tribunal and if found guilty Ostracized.

7.Science will be protected any media which attacks sciences based on political reasons shall be purged.

8.Any religions that attack the constitution shall be investigated and if found innocent the perpetrator shall be purged if found guilty they will be purged.

9.No member shall threaten death of any leader of any country nor condone attacks unless in defense of this constitution or its members as per rule 3.

10.No man found innocent shall be judged a second time for the same crime and if found guilty and Ostracized shall after his time be punished again for the same crime.