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{{Infobox nation |name = Socialist Government of Derskov-Viadalvia |image1 = South Bakasarria.png
Flag |motto = Be Strong |location = Current Derskov-Viadalvia |capital = Kosta |largest_city = Kosta |languages = English Derskovian Viadalvian Dutch French Dradelian |reglang= |religions = Selcuar |shortname = Derskov-Viadalvia |demonym = Derskov-Viadalvian |government = Socialist Republic |head of state = Chairman |hos_name = Shady Morsi |head of government = Vice-Chairman |hog_name = Timo Vink |established = 2014 |population = 37 |currency = Euro, |time_zone = IST (GMT+22 minutes). |nat_sport = |nat_drink = |nat_animal =

Derskov-Viadalvia is a soviet republic of Snežanistan It was created on the 3th March 2014 when Viadalvia was annexed with the Snežani state of Derskovia It is based in the Netherlands, with Overseas regions in Asia America and Antarctica and the United Kingdom.


Snežani Revolution
Result Revolutionaries took over government
Dissolution of Federal Republic
Snezianistan flag.png Snežani Soviet

Old Snezianistan flag.png

Snežani Government