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RegionUnited Kingdom
Number of teams6-10

The British Counties League (BCL) is a proposed competition played by independent representative teams for the historical counties of the United Kingdom. The competition was first proposed by International Surrey Football, by allowing the British counties a means of regular fixtures with ConIFA membership unlikely in most cases. The competition is proposed to initially take place in 2019. The competition would follow a summer league format to minimise its impact on club football in the UK. Teams would be required to have licenses approved by the County Football Federation in order to compete in the competition. The purpose of licenses is to ensure that a team can ensure their participation for the full season in order to avoid possible teams folding mid-season due to an inability to complete all fixtures, for a British Counties League license teams much enter a ground-sharing agreement for a training facility and at least 1 home stadium for the duration of the season, but multiple venues are allowed at the team's discretion, the team must also be able to ensure the season's finances for the duration of the season and cannot be dependent on gate receipts.

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