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{{Infobox nation
{{Infobox nation
|name              = Crystallion Kingdom
|name              = Crystallion Kingdom
|image1            = [[File:CK FLAG.png]]
|image1            = [[File:Golden Star of Crystallion waving.jpeg|250px]]
|image2            = [[File:National Coat of Arms.png]]
|image2            = [[File:National Coat of Arms.png|250px]]
|motto              = '''God Be With Us All'''
|motto              = '''God Be With Us All'''
|anthem            =  
|anthem            =  

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Crystallion Kingdom
Golden Star of Crystallion waving.jpegNational Coat of Arms.png

God Be With Us All
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameCrystallion (Or CK)
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
LegislatureParliament (Silver House (CK's House of Commons), Gold House (CK's House of Lords))
- Type - Parliamentary Democracy
EstablishedDecember 25, 2016
CurrencyFaleon Note

Crystallion Kingdom

The Crystallion Kingdom , commonly known as Crystallion (or CK), is a Micronation in North America. Lying in a border state near the US and Canadian Border, the Crystallion Kingdom includes a small piece of Ohio, mostly digital at the moment. (Note:) The small piece of property is where the Royals live.

The Crystallion Kingdom is a Constitutional Monarchy with a Parliamentary Democracy. The monarch is Jaden, Prince of the Crystallion Kingdom who is Founder and Heir to the throne, who is planned to start his reign soon. The capital of the Crystallion Kingdom is currently being planned, named Faithven.

The Crystallion Kingdom is a developing Micronation and has so far had the following progress finished:

  • Currency
  • Flag
  • (Small but planned to grow) Land
  • Social Media pages
  • Postal Stamp
  • Documents (regarding immigration)
  • Holidays
  • Radio Network
  • First Royal House (see at Crystallion Kingdom Royal Houses)

The Crystallion Kingdom has begun progress on the following:

  • Basic Documents to start the Country and Government (such as Bill Of Rights)
  • Government
  • Social Network of it's own
  • Growing Population
  • Government Agencies
  • National Anthem

This page will be updated as the Crystallion Kingdom continues its journey.