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Alliance for the Motherland
Alianța pentru Patrie
Founded1 April 2017
Membership  (2017)94
IdeologyCivic nationalism
Political positionCross-party
Official colorsBlack, Red, Yellow, Blue
Seats in the Great National Assembly
94 / 159
Seats in the Council of State
11 / 15

The Alliance for the Motherland (Romanian: Alianța pentru Patrie), known colloquially by its acronym PATRIA, is a Juclandian cross-party political movement, encompassing individuals from all ideologies and spheres of life who share a strict view on the Constitution of Juclandia.



  • Principality of Jucărești
  • Municipality of Jucărești
  • Municipality of Aqatic
  • Municipality of Arkudiopolis
  • Principality of Culinar
  • Municipality of Culinar
  • Municipality of Vestia
  • Principality of Floral
  • Municipality of Floral
  • Municipality of Calimatna
  • Municipality of Vinograd
  • Free State of Lenia
  • Municipality of Aquilonia
  • Realm of Nisipești
  • Municipality of Zaphorozia
  • Municipality of Nisipești
  • Territory of Paradissi
  • Municipality of Paradissi
  • Territory of Câinești
  • Municipality of Câinești
  • Territory of Grădinari
  • Municipality of Cipimania
  • Territory of Păsăreni
  • Municipality of Păsăreni