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Because it's the hero that MicroWiki deserves, but not the one it needs right now. And so we'll hunt it. Because it can take it. Because it's not a hero. It's a silent guardian, a watchful protector.. a Francillian apple pie.

Ciao! My name is Alexander Reinhardt and I'm from the Federal Republic of St.Charlie. Since 14 December 2008, I have been a member of the MicroWiki Community. I was an Administrator and Forum Moderator for a long time, multiple times, but I've retired now due to university work. I still contribute to the site, but not as much as I'd love to.

Feel free to contact me if you need anything!

Early works

Most of my early articles were made on Wikia - before grammar and formatting were fashionable. Indeed, once upon a time, even most featured articles had no inline cites at all. Sometimes, there article found their way through all transfers and could still be alive. Therefore, if you find some poorly-written articles please forgive me. Actually, don't forgive me, just fix them.

My Biases

Like most editors, if we don't count articles related to St.Charlie, I work on subjects that interest me. I strive to edit neutrally, but people are sometimes oblivious of their own bias. To aid other editors, here are some of my tendencies:

  • I really like articles on awards and decorations. I collect medals from all around the world and I'm really fond of neck medals and orders. That is, I love the history and organisation behind micronational decorations.
  • I believe that micronational warfare is pointless, childish and stupid. In fact, it gives micronationalism a bad name, giving the impression that it's all about fake battles.
  • Being inside a micronational democracy since 2008, I'm sympathetic towards all articles about micronational legislatures and parliaments.
  • When an article is proven to be completely false, I often ask for its deletion, no matter how well-written it is.

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