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Joined 9 July 2018
The Federal Republic of LaskadayaRepublik Federal Laskadaya
MottoDo good Think (Lakukan Yang Terbaik)

Real motto:

Do Good Think for our family, society and country, your homeland

Java, Indonesia
Capital city Potro
Largest city Asohire
Official language(s) Indonesian, & English
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Laskadayan
Government Constitutional Republic Presidential System
- President Usara Mahaya
- Prime Minister Lucas Areksia
Legislature National Parliament of Laskadaya
Established 04 April 2018

07 April 2018 (Declared)

Area claimed 150m2
Population 1 Registered

~ 4 Permanent Residents

~ 151 Stuffed Toys

4 61 Permanent residents

Currency Indonesian Rupiah (De Facto)

Rouyel (De jure)

Time zone UTC +7
National animal Eagle

Ega, Nationalities: TFROA

Leader Message:

Askadaya, Hello nice to meet you, sorry if there's anything going wrong.