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The Lipán Tribe of Andany is a Native Andanian Indian Tribe that resides in the Lipán Indian Reservation. The tribe has a population of two; both people having more than a quarter of Native blood. They best known in Andany for wearing gorgeous hats made of parrot feathers. The Lipán are also praised for their amazing chiefdom and ordinance, as 80% of Andanians agree that they are culturally diverse and immerse from the rest of Andany.


Lipán comes from the Naizhan word for "Warriors of the Mountains". They were named by a politican called Will van den Boom, the same one who caused the Andanian Revolutionary War, after noticing they would get angered if near their territoryn; thus explaining the “Warriors of the Mountains”.


Because of Article 3 in the Andanian Constitution, the Lipán are allowed to run their own “micronation”. The main name used for the Lipán tribe is “Lipán Nation”. This term refers to the group of Lipán and their claimed territory (Andanian Indian Reservation) living in Andany.