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Data Value
Joined MicroWiki Late July 2021 (On User:Banado Sigglemass
Edit count 12,202
Born 3 February 2008 (2008-02-03) (age 14)
First edit on MicroWiki 18:08, 16 July 2021 (I created the page Roscamistan)
Get to 3,000 Edits as fast I can: edits: 79.4% complete

My name is Andrew Brotherton, from Galway. This is my personal account. This is one of my two main accounts, the other being User:Banado Sigglemass

“I have contributed massively to MicroWiki, especially in the Roscamistan pages, of which I have created or contributed to almost all of them”. However you should not just credit me. Credit anyone who has ever made an edit on any page on Roscamistan. That would be the right thing to do.

I’m trying to get to 3,000 edits the fastest I can. I’ve also done more edits than many more well known people, but that’s because MicroWiki takes my mind off boredom.

My biopage is 2nd on the list of pages with the most categories, only behind Zed

Facts about me

  • My birth name is Andrew, my middle name is Micheal, my Confirmation name is John and my surname is Brotherton.
  • I have broken a ring before
  • I went to an Irish medium school
  • I live in Greater Roscam
  • My great grandfather was from the east end
  • My grandfather was a Sergeant-Major in the Rhodesian army
  • My dad is South African of Anglophone decent, and my mother is Irish, making me Anglo-Irish
  • Even though my father is a Protestant, the rest of my family, including me is Catholic
  • I don’t find Church boring