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{{Infobox nation

− |name = Viscounty of Egan
Vicomté d'Eganw:French

− |image1 =

− |image2 =

− |motto = Progress and Prosperity

− |anthem = Song of Lenoway

− |location = Montreal, Canada

− |capital = Lenoway

− |languages = English, French

− |religions =

− |demonym = Eganese

− |government = Militaristic Hereditary Constitutional Viscounty

− |head of state = Viscount

− |head of government = Viscountess

− |hos_name = Christopher I

− |hog_name = Vacant

− |legislature = The Noble Council

− |established = July 10th, 2017

− |area = 0.05 sq. km.

− |population = 12

− |currency = Eganese Lid (EGL)

− |time_zone = Eganese Standard Time (EgST)

− |nat_drink = Elderberry Wine

− |nat_animal = Squirrel

− |pat_saint = Saint Rattus

− |nat_sport = Rock Em Sock Em Robots

− |domain =

− |calling_code =

− |notes =

− |web =

− }}

− Egan, officially the Viscounty of Egan (French: Vicomté d'Egan) is a sovereign micronation located in the city of Montreal in Eastern Canada. It was founded on July 10th, 2017, by its current Viscount, Lord Christopher of the Kimyona Dynasty.


− Egan is a Hereditary Constitutional Viscounty. It is led by Viscount Christopher I of the Kimyona Dynasty. Lord Christopher currently has no Viscountess Consort. The Viscount-in-waiting is Jake Kimyona, second cousin of Lord Christopher.


− Egan was founded on the 10th of July, 2017, as a one-party republic.

− On October 17th, the Governor promoted himself to Viscount of the nation. He was late crowned Kaiser of Egan on Christmas Day of 2017.

− Egan became a Socialist Republic on January 20th, 2018. The Socialist Republic of Egan lasted until late April of 2018, when it became a single-party republic.

− Egan became a military junta on July 6th, 2018, before becoming a militaristic Viscounty on October 28th, 2018.


− Egan uses a four-month calendar based on the seasons. The months are Printon, Sumerion, Kindleton, and Shiverion, each corresponding to Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Printon begins on March 20th (Eganese New Year). Sumerion begins on June 20th, Kindleton begins on September 20th, and Shiverion begins on December 20th.


− Most of Egan's holidays are based on Stardew Valley festivals.

January 8th (Shiverion 18th) - Ice Festival

March 20th (Printon 1st) - Eganese New Year

April 13th (Printon 23rd) - Egg Festival

May 24th (Printon 64th) - Lilac Festival

June 28th (Printon 8th) - Festival of the Moonlight Minnows

July 10th (Sumerion 20th) - Eganese Independence Day

August 11th (Sumerion 52nd) - Bagel Festival

October 16th (Sumerion 26th) - Rock Em Sock Em Robots Fair

October 27th (Kindleton 37th) - Pumpkin's Eve

December 10th (Kindleton 81st)  - Viscount Christopher's Birthday

December 22nd (Shiverion 2nd) - Saint Rattus Eve

December 23rd (Shiverion 3rd) - Saint Rattus Day