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Aakair is the current account of Chandrachur Basu, the Administrator of Special Administrative Region of Chandril or SAR Chandril.

Coat of arms of Vishwamitra (2021).svg This user is citizen of the State of Vishwamitra

Stats of Aakair

Current Edits

Stat Value
Edits 793


  • 100 edits:- Oct 2020
  • 200 edits:- Nov 2020
  • 300 edits:- Dec 2020
  • 400 edits:- Jan 2021
  • 500 edits:- Jan 2021
  • 600 edits:- Jan 2021
  • 700 edits:- Feb 2021

Future Targets

  • 800 edits:- Mar 2021
  • 900 edits:- Apr 2021
  • 1000 edits:- May 2021

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Class Ribbon bar Link Name Criteria
Class III Ribbon bar of an Editor.svg Ribbon bar of an Editor.svg Editor, second class 1 month, and 100 edits
Ribbon bar of an Editor*.svg Ribbon bar of an Editor*.svg 3 months, and 250 edits

Order of wear

Awards worn regularly by Chandrachur Basu are noted in the above tables and are worn in accordance with customary conventions applicable to the occasion, the location and to the form of dress worn. The current ribbons worn by Chandrachur Basu are as follows:

Order of the Vishwamitra-Badge.png

Order of the Vishwamitra - Ribbon.svgOrder of the Lotus - ComL - ribbon.svg

Order of Chandril-Ribbon (1).svgCommemorative Medal of the 20th Birthday of the First Prime MinisterOrder of Dagon.png

Ribbon bar of an Editor*.svgRibbon bar of an Editor.svg