University of the Woods

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The University of the Woods (founded in 2019) is a University located in Prarik, Essef and Fort Jerome, Hilda, which provides education for individuals aged above 8. The university offers a number of subjects including Science, Agriculture, and history. As of 2020, there are 3 full-time staff members and 6 students.

University of the Woods
Logo of the University
Established2019 (2019)
DirectorVladimir Baruh
Academic staff2
Admin. staff1
LocationPrarik and Fort Jerome, Essef and Hilda, Wegmat
CampusUOW South and UOW Jerome
Former namesPrarik University
School coloursGreen     
SportsWhiffle Ball


The universities were founded to help with Boy Scouts. It taught on wilderness survival skills which the administration of the school got the idea to change the name from Prarik University to University of the Woods. The school opened up a second and more popular university in Fort Jerome. Both schools teach identical courses.


Both schools have a main hall, which is where all the classes are. Both schools also have a cafeteria. The location in Prarik has a common hall which is sometimes referred to as the "Hangout Spot" because it is right in between the cafeteria and whiffle ball stadium which is also unique to Prarik.