United People's Syndicate

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United People's Syndicate
Sindicat Popular Unificat
PresidentJoan Hereu i Coma
General SecretaryDomènec Saints i Lluçà
Honorary presidentFrancesc Julià de Caïdot
Membership  (2018)5
Political positionCentrism, Big tent
National affiliationNew Center Coalition (CNC)
Official colorsDark Blue, orange
Seats in the Parlament de Caïd
1 / 8
In the New Center Coalition

The United People's Syndicate (Catalan: Sindicat Popular Unificat) is a political party created by the popular revolution independence of Caïd in 1920. The movement has been considered to be nationalist and populist.

In 2017, the party forms a coalition called New Center Coalition (CNC) with the Liberals and the Tortimerists.


The party was formed in 1920, in France. It was created by people close to General Caïdot at the beginning of the revolution and subsequent declaration of independence. Despite having been founded under his directives, General Caïdot never played in the party. In its beginnings, the party defended fascist postulates, until after World War II. After the conflict, the party tried to approach Gaullism and the allies. From 1922 to 1973 it was the only legal political party in the Republic of Caïd, acting as a single party regime. After the death of General Caïdot and the provisional government of Artur Marfany, the party ceased to be the only legal one in Caïd when Tortimer Kappa came to power, who founded his own party called the Democratic Tortimerist Party.

In August 2013, after the withdrawal of President Tortimer, Lluís Saints i Raventós is named president of the Republic of Caïd. From Artur Marfany in 1969, Lluís Saints was the first president of the SPU.