United Kingdom of Malvern and Roslyn

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United Kingdom of Malvern and Roslyn

State Cross, National Flag

Nec Temere, Nec Timide
(English: Neither rashly, nor timidly)
I Vow to Thee, My Country
Capital cityAlexander
Largest cityAlexander
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Roman Catholic
Short nameMalvern
GovernmentAbsolute Monarch
- MonarchHenry of Malvern and Roslyn
- Chancellor of MalvernSir James Harris
- Chancellor of RoslynSir Andrew Osborne
LegislatureKing's Royal Government (Appointed)
- Type - Unicameral
Established1 June 2018
Area claimed0.3 ha
CurrencyMalvarian Dollar
Time zoneGMT +12
National animalTui
Patron saintSaint Cecilia

Official Website

The United Kingdom of Malvern and Roslyn also known as Malvern is a micronation located on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand. The United Kingdom was founded by the incumbent monarch Henry of Malvern and Roslyn, after the Act of Union 2018 was given royal assent on 1 June 2018. The Kingdom consists of two kingdoms, Malvern (founded 2017) and Roslyn (founded 2011). Malvern is the largest of both kingdoms and is located to the north of Roslyn.





Malvern was first inhabited by the native Māori population 400 years ago as a trade route between the Canterbury Plains and the West Coast region of the South Island. Pounamu (the Māori name for greenstone/jade) was the main reason for this route, as well as for other reasons such as moa hunting. It wasn't until the 1800's when the first British settlers arrived in Malvern, attracted to its natural abundance of clay and coal. These resources supported important industries of pottery and coal mining, both which are still operating to this day. A railway line was built to transport these materials to Christchurch, but due to a falling demand of materials from both industries, freight and passenger services of this railway line were suspended in 1962.

On 4 September 2010, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit the region, causing minor damage to infrastructure and buildings. A second earthquake on the 22 February 2011 hit, but causing no damage to the local region. However, Christchurch was devastated, with the loss of 187 people.

Malvarian History


On 6 July 2011, the Kingdom of Roslyn was acclaimed by Harriet of Roslyn, creating the House of Roslyn. She ruled over Roslyn until her death on 18 April 2018. At the time of Queen Harriet's death, her successor, Henry, became the first King of Roslyn and its second monarch. On 1 June 2018, the Act of Union 2018 was given royal assent by Henry, merging the Kingdoms of Malvern and Roslyn into a United Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Malvern and the House of Malvern-Roslyn was proclaimed on 9 October 2017.

In November 2018, Henry went on his first official tour as the monarch of the United Kingdom of Malvern and Roslyn to Wellington, New Zealand Wellington. This was to celebrate the first anniversary of the founding of Malvern in 2017. A second New Zealand tour is expected to happen in November 2019, to the city of Auckland. Other official tours have been carried out by Henry, including: Arthur's Pass National Park, Catlins Conservation Park, Dunedin, and Hokitika.

The coronation for Henry is expected to happen on the 20 December 2019.



His Majesty, The King's Royal Government is the official name given to the government. This name was enacted on the 9 October 2017. The unofficial name given to the government is 'The Crown'.

The Kingdom of Malvern's government follows the political system of absolute monarchy. The Crown is situated at Alexander Palace, Malvern, with only one member not in Malvern; The Chancellor of Roslyn, located at Stuart House.


  • Sir James Harris is the first and current Chancellor of Malvern (CM), serving since 10 October 2017. He has served under one monarch; King Henry (2017 - ). His office is based at Alexander Palace and works alongside King Henry. Sir James Harris' role is to assist the King in the daily political governance of the Kingdom.

Mr Edward Fairbank is the Deputy Chancellor of Malvern (DCM), serving since 23 September 2019. He was appointed at Alexander Palace by King Henry.

  • Sir Andrew Osborne is the first and current Chancellor of Roslyn (CR), serving since 6 July 2011. He has served under two monarchs; Queen Harriet (2011 - 2018) and King Henry (2018 - ). His office is based at Stuart House in Roslyn. Sir Andrew Osborne meets with King Henry quarterly every year to inform of issues that may have arisen during Henry's absence.

Mr Peter Durand is the Deputy Chancellor of Roslyn (DCR), serving since 23 September 2019. He was appointed at Alexander Palace by King Henry.

Ministerial Departments

Members in charge of HM The King's Cabinet hold ministerial positions. The list of these positions are:

  • Civil Defence and Emergency Management (The Rt. Hon. Albert Patrick I; since 1 November 2017)
  • Culture and Heritage (The Rt. Hon. Charlotte Stratford I; since 1 November 2017)
  • Foreign Affairs (Sir James Harris I; since 1 November 2017)
  • Internal Affairs (Rt. Hon. Phillipa Picoult I; since 1 November 2017)
  • Justice (Rt. Hon. Michael Holder I; since 1 November 2017)
  • The Treasury (Rt. Hon. Teresa D'Agostino I; since 1 November 2017)

Government Departments

Members of Crown Departments do not hold ministerial positions.

Government Agencies

The Meteorological and Seismic Service (MSS) was founded on 23 August 2018. It is headed by Minister of Civil Defence and Emergency Management. The MSS is a government led agency that helps in collecting data of weather and geological events that occur in Malvern. This data is analysed and recorded for historical purposes and for supplying the government with sufficient data about such topics.

Foreign Relations

The Kingdom of Malvern holds excellent and well respected foreign relations with other micronations.

The list of micronations in official diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Malvern.

  • The Republic of Karuna

Geography and Climate

The Kingdom is located in the Canterbury foothills, offering shelter from most abnormal weather events. Roslyn is situated on a bluff, in the Otago Peninsula, often receiving prevailing southerly winds that come from Antarctica. The climate is temperate but can vary largely at different times of the year. Due to different geographical locations of Malvern and Roslyn, they often have different climates from each other.

Malvern, being located at the edge of the Canterbury Plains often experiences a local and frequent weather event known as the 'Nor' West Arch'. This strong, hot and dry wind is most common in spring and summer, and on occasion reaches damage-causing strength. The wind carries downwards across the Canterbury Plains, often resulting in hot and dry conditions. This causes the temperature to increase to approximately 25 °C - 35 °C. Southerly winds can cause the temperature to drop below zero, bring heavy frosts and occasionally snow.