United Islands of America

The United Islands of America, also known as the United Territories of America, is a self-proclaimed sovereign state, more commonly referred to as a micronation. It was formed from a merger of many micronations, and other unclaimed territories around the globe. Micronations that have become territories of the United Islands include Calzechia, Kitche and Macéyon. It ended in late 2019, and Woodwardia succeeded it. After Woodwardia dissolved, Keland took the territory as a state.

United Islands of America

Ttʃo`rns tʃurt. An dis-unitɛd tʃurts furttʃɛr mo`rɛ. (English: Thorns hurt, but a broken country hurts more.)
Capital cityWashington U.T.
Largest cityWashington U.T.
Official language(s)English,Primish,Andrɛw ɛnglistʃ.
Official religion(s)Christianity
Area claimed67 m²
Population503 (as of 2020 census)
Time zone(CPT)
National animalEagle

As of current day, the U.T. is only a discord server, due to being invaded by Calzechia.


Each territory of the United Islands of America has a Representative, Judge, TPL and one or more Mayors. The Mayor's job is too make sure that a city is taken care of. There is often more then one mayor in a territory, based off the amount of cities. The Mayor usually decides what is needed for the communities, and takes responsibility for them. The Mayor also collects each tax of 0.1 do`lor per resident, per year. Half of the tax money goes towards paying for the city's supplies.. If the Mayor cannot sort out a problem, a representative can take care of it. --As of 2020, the grand representative can change if the country is communist, capitalist or socialist. The grand representative can also obtain multiple roles. --


0.05 do`lor

The official currency of the United Islands is the do`lor, which is pegged to acres of land. One do`lor is worth an acre of land, or two thousand United States dollars. The richest people in the United Islands of America have more then 100 do`lor. Most do`lor banknotes come in small denominations due to the large value of a single do`lor. The most common note is the 0.05 do`lor note, which is worth one US dollar.

The United Islands has a second currency called the ᴍDo`lor, which stands for micro do`lor. Five ᴍDo`lor is worth 1 US dollar. ᴍDo`lor has not been printed as a banknote, but rather as a coin, which is made to look like a casino chip.

When the nation was first established a do`lor was worth half of a US dollar. The Representative of Calzechia proposed the acre-based currency concept, which worked well and was permanently kept in place.


Fall of Calzechia, Rise of the Union

The story of the United Islands of America starts with a nation called Calzechia, which had begun to break apart. The people were going into debt, so its leaders decided to sell land to the nearest cities. It could give them the necessary funds to keep Calzechia going for about years to come, but they soon reached a point where they were on their last acres of land. The president then decided to give the rest of the land to his friend, James. James profited off the land by renting it out to people, and then he bought and rented more pieces of land. After a while, all of Calzechia’s former land was back in his possession. James changed the name of the newly reunited Calzechia to the United Territories of America.

The Kitche War

The Representative of W. Calzechia(Abraham Guzman) went on a vacation to Japan. While he was near Japan he made sure to visit many micro nations in the area. The best part of his trip was that he got invited to Kitche. A big micronation in northern Japan. When he visited there he was greeted by the president of Kitche(Джек Сталин) . The president spoke Kaaptov which was chopped up Japanese mixed with Russian. Abraham could barely understand him, but they both had a blast with there conversations. Abraham later brought up the point, that the U.T. is looking for more states that can join it. Джек Сталин then said that he would be willing to join, as long as he does not have to pay anything, and that the U.T. sends money to the country once a month. Abraham agreed, and Kitche then became a state of the U.T. .The problem was that the citizens of Kitche did not agree with the presidents choice. They were so mad, that they started to set statues on fire, and declared war on the president, and on the U.T. The president tackled this problem by telling them that the citizens of kitche will get percent of the money they get. The Kitche citizens then agreed on becoming a state, therefore ending the war.

U.T.'S Struggles

The U.T. was struggling. All of the people who always lived in calzechia were facing problems. Now the Desanora was worth nothing to the Citizens. The new government was also a monarchy with one ruler, who is the king. The ruler forced the people who lived there a tax. Taxes were not a thing in calzechias golden days. James(the current leader), decided that he should change to a democracy system, after some people decided to leave. He got all of his friends and family together, and together they formed the constitution, and laws of the U.T. . Over time these laws were changed and edited, but they are still used today.

U.T.'S Rise

It has now been a while since the country was formed. The country formed its capital near Fresno, California, USA. Its capital is Washington (U.T.). New Elections reelected James for another 10 years. Things were looking good for the nation. 2 weeks after James was elected, The country adopted another State. It adopted Republic of Macéyon. Now the country has 3 states, with 3 city's within each state. Popularity of the country also grew at this point. Also at this point in Washington(U.T.), people started to create businesses, and other companies.

The Communist Era

On new years eve of 2019, the president of the U.T.(James), took a plane to Japan. Once he arrived in Japan, he took a boat to Kitche. After he got to Kitche he took a taxi to South Kitche's headquarters. The ride got in a crash to the capital, and because he was too far from a hospital he died in the capital of South Kitche. After he died, the vice president(Jack Mendelev from Russia), took power. Jack Mendelev was apart of the Socialist-Communist party. In his first days of president, he fixed a lot of problems the U.T. had such as giving every state equal powers, and made sure taxes were separated equally. Mendelev also did a few things in his first week to such as making anti-communist partys illegal, and banning americans from voting in Kitche, and Meceyon. Overall though, Mendelev has made the U.T. a better place.

The Dictator Era

After Mendelev has made the U.T. mostly communist, he took on most government roles which made him a dictator. On 1/20/2020, Mendelev wrote a new constitution that allowed grand representatives to change the country's political basis. Some citizens went against what he was doing at this time, and called for impeachment. The impeachment process was ignored at this time. On 1/27/2020, documents were found on Mendelevs computer that showed that the last presidents death was planned by another micronation(disclosed at time). The document also showed that Mendelev was a citizen of the other nation. At this point the representative of kitche, called for impeachment, and on 2/1/2020 the impeachment process began. Right after the process began, Mendelev changed the countrys flag, and declared war on Somcow. Luckily the war request was not heard, and the U.T. was safe of war. On 2/4/2020, Mendelev was impeached, and the rep. of kitche became president.

Current History

Now the U.T. is searching for micronations to adopt or to ally with. The U.T. will also start wars for land, but can also do the opposite and give land to those micronations it thinks are worthy. Currently the country is trying to impeach Mendelev for murdering the last president. The U.T. is also looking for potential allays. If you want to be an allay then apply at https://forms.gle/MfaS6iHZYYa5Mp7S6.


The main language in U.T., is English. The second is Andrews English .Andrews english originates to 1400 A.C. when english speaking settlers moved to Samoa, and took over. English was hard for the samoan foreigners. Over time, the Samoans developed there own form of english called andrews english. It is pretty much normal english, but with different words, symbols, and etc. The U.T. adopted this language because George Jones, the first leader of the country, knew it by heart, and taught his son James the language. Thanks to the president(Mendelev), the country now speaks primiśh in the capital and in select city's across the country. A primish translator can be found at this link


Military is very very important in U.T. . Military is important because it shows the nations power. A nation with no power can be easily taken over, so they started an army. When the country first started they just used the old cazechilan way of military(Hawk Protection). Over time though they got rid of the old tactic for fighting. Lowrey Jones first brought up the idea of an actually military but was ignored, because she was a women. She designed a plan to attack a micronation without doing anything illegal. James decided to use his mothers plan later on. James later formed a military. This was the military:

  • 43 Infantry men (with bb guns)
  • 5 spy(with microphone, and camera)
  • 4 drone flyers
  • 2 boat drivers
  • 1 general(per state)
  • 4 trap setter (rope traps)


The time In U.T. is very weird, and interesting. Instead of going to a minute at 60 seconds, it goes to a minute at 100. This is also the same for minutes to hours. This shortens the amount of hours in the day by a lot, but is a good system. Hard to set the clocks though.


Most Alliances for the U.T., are private. The following list is public alliances.

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