United Ducal Empire of Avenne

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The United Ducal Empire of Avenne, or commonly known as Avenne, was founded in March 2019 with the coronation of Grand Duke Edward II. The Country owns land in the United States, located in the Southeast. The official languages of Avenne are French, English, Greenlandic, and Russian. Their currency is the Gold Bar, and they use the right side of the road. The population of Avenne is estimated at around 100 people. The flag of Avenne is actually the flag of the short-lived Chinese democratic state known as "The Republic Of Formosa". The anthem of Avenne is the former Russian anthem " Patriotcheskya Pesnya". The Avennish Monarchy is Hereditary, passing through the House of Avenne. As of June 2019, Avenne has no official diplomatic relations, however we have sent letters to world leaders.

Avenne is officially classified as a "Constitutional Traditionalist Hereditary Monarchy." Avenne is run by the Parliament of Avenne, which has 20 members. Parliament is made of two separate branches, The upper house is the Senate, while the lower house is the House of Commons. They meet at the Parliamentary House in one of Avenne's four territories. Both the House of Commons and Senate have 10 members.