United Cheslovia

The United Cheslovia party (UD) is a left wing party of Cheslovia centred around Socialism and patriotism. It was formed by Commander Murat Nurkenovak of the KDI who believed that the Second Baltian War had greatly damaged Cheslovia internally. He knew that although the war was over, the unrecognised, rogue states of Baltia would continue to exist whether or not recognition was given to them, they would continue to operate outside Cheslovia, not participating in Cheslovian politics. Thus he decided to establish a political party dedicated to promoting patriotism inside Cheslovia, and to try and unite the Cheslovian people under one flag.

United Cheslovia (UC)
Founded17th October 2009
IdeologySocialism, Left-wing nationalism
Political positionleft
ColoursWhite, blue, black


The Social Industrialists have criticised the UC of copy-cat policies, although the SI had not announced their plans for uniting Cheslovians, the SI did have such plans written on paper. As well as the copy-cat policy issue, the leader of the UC is greatly militaristic, having a great liking for the armed service, war and violence in general, he is suspected and has been accused of trying to form a dictatorship.

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