Unitary Productions

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Unitary Productions Group, Inc.
Type Corporate Group, Production Company
Country Union of Privateers
Founded 2016
Headquarters Aves, Union of Privateers
Key People Christian Robert
(General Manager/President)
Kyle Gren
(VP and Chief Production Manager)
Audrey Robin
(VP and Chief Content Manager)
Ethan Hilman
Broadcaster Youtube
Owner(s) Joint Stock

Unitary Productions Group, Inc. is a small time production company sponsored by the Privateer Union government for cultural promotion of the nation.


Unitary Productions was incorporated in 2016 by the Union of Privateers government with idea of promoting the national culture and identity. Unitary Productions went public in late 2016 with the cost per stock being $1.00 on average. The Studio is mostly unknown, even inside it's home country, Unitary Productions, in it's early years, mostly makes documentaries on the Union of Privateers and it's history.

Key People

Christian Robert, the head writer and co-producer of "Drenched in Lies", was elected as both Chairman and CEO and oversees the business elements of the company and green lights new projects. Kyle Gren was chosen as the Executive-in-charge of Production and Senior Vice President, Production which was in other words, the resident director and producer on most projects. Audrey Robin was made Vice President for Content or resident story editor and co-writer on most projects. Ethan Hilman was chosen to be webmaster for Unitary Productions as well as the Junior Vice President to Audrey Robin, i.e. assistant writer.


Unitary Productions's content is mostly documentaries and short films. The Documentaries cover a wide group of subjects. "Drenched in Lies" covers american corporate finance schemes of the 1980's as well as the 2008 housing bubble. Other shows cover softer theme such as micronationalism and government building.