Unique Corporation


Headquarters: Vignetia
Official Languages: Italian
Director: Angela Acciga
Establishment: 15 August 2007
Closed: 31 December 2018
Type: Public company fx
Products: Internet Service Provider
Micronation: Vilthia

UNIQUE was a public company owned by the Central Protectorate, the government of the Decracy of Vilthia.
It was an Internet Service Provider.


It was founded in August 2007 by the Central Protectorate as YUNIP. On October 2007 the name was changed in Unique. In 2007 it began broadcasting the wi-fi signal across the capital, Vignetia. Using the management software Antamedia Hot Spot, in 2008 began transmitting the signal in many other areas of Vilthia.
Since 2018, the national territory has been reached by various providers of via-radio internet, and therefore the company's services have become obsolete.
The Governatorate therefore decided the dissolution of the company, which ended the operations in December 2018.
Some hotspots have been kept active, such as free internet points, and management has been entrusted to local administrations.

A signal booster