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===As observers===
===As observers===
*[[Lordrealm of Theline]]
*[[Seigniory of Theline]]
[[Category: Organisations]]
[[Category: Organisations]]
[[Category:Defunct Organisations]]
[[Category:Defunct Organisations]]

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Union of Republics of Veyssannia and Jailavera
French: Union des Républiques de Veyssannie et Jaïlavera

Formation3 July 2019
Official languagesFrench
PresidentLeopold Deuff
PresidencyRepublic of Jailavera

Union of Republics of Veyssannia and Jailavera (in french "Union des Républiques de Veyssannie et Jaïlavera") was an organisation wich unified Republic of Veyssannia and Republic of Jailavera


The community has a rotating presidency that is based on seniority. The country that possesses the presidency designates an individual who serves as the community's president who oversees the community's business, drafts and presides over meetings, and who may act as an arbiter among members of the community. Terms begin and end on 12 October each year. The presidency is currently held by Sandus and Jacob Barnet serves as the president of the Borean Community.

Meetings must occur at least once a year and focus on a particular agenda item. In 2020-2021, the Jailaverian presidency listed as its agenda:

  • Indigenous Rights and Sovereignty
  • Anti-Fascism
  • Food Security
  • Climate Change
  • Rural-Urban Reconciliation


The Union of Republics of Veyssannia and Jailavera has two members and one observer. They are, in order of their joining the union:

As members

As observers