Union of Libereco

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Union of Libereco
Unio de Libereco (eo)
Flag of Libereco Emblem of Libereco
National anthem: World in Union
Motto: In life, we live
Capital (and largest city) Albertine

Official languages English

regional languages

Government Federal parliamentary constitutional republic with direct democracy
President Leon Simpson

Legislature Union Assembly
Lower house Chamber of Deputies
Upper house Chamber of Senators

Foundation in original form 7 July 2012
Joined Amager 21 November 2012

Currency Milo (MIL)
Time zone GMT

The Union of Libereco (Unio de Libereco; Unión de Libereco) is a self-declared sovereign state in the British Isles. Its territory composes a small residence enclaved by the English county of Northumberland.

Libereco is governed as a unitary state, with the President being elected by the Landsgemeinde, which consists of every citizen of Libereco. The Landsgemeinde is not the legislature however, the legislative branch being the Union Assembly; which is composed of two chambers, those being the Chamber of Deputies and the Chamber of Senators. The former having the most power and being directly elected, whilst the latter is a technocratic chamber with a mainly advisory role.


The word "Libereco" comes from Libertas, the Roman goddess of liberty, also the Latin word for Liberty. "Libereco" is a translation of "Libertas" to Esperanto. It can also be translated to "freedom" and "liberty" in English.


Early era and instability

Libereco has links to multiple previous micronations, which were generally short-lived and unstable. The incarnations saw multiple different forms of government, including a Theodorist kingdom[1], a principality[2], a member state of the Confederated States of Prosperity[3][4] and a Kingdom[5] as a member of the Cruzen Commonwealth under King Deniz of Pavlov. These incarnations were plagued with multiple changes and unprofessionalism, this period in Libereco's history has been periodically referred to as "the Dark Ages" in comparison to the historical periodisation of early civilisation known by the same name.

Improvements came with the foundation of New Nevada, which was relatively stable, and established itself in the community through the Grand Unified Micronational and European Micronational Culture Organisation. Only upon joining and Amager and becoming Libereco did it thrive as a semi-sovereign constituent state, known as the Federation of Libereco, adopting St.Charlie's system of naming political divisions.

Transition to direct democracy

A transition from representative to direct democracy came with the introduction of a new constitution, the most comprehensive and advanced constitution in Libereco's history. The constitution saw the reform of various institutions, including the legislature and the executive branches of government. The new constitution also saw the reform of Libereco's administrative divisions, with the abolition of the Territory of Lobão and reorganisation of the capital city.

Collapse of Amager and independence

Politics and government

The politics of Libereco is conducted under the a unique political system whereby the presidentis vested with significant power, but is directly accountable to the population, or rather the Landsgemeinde. The legislative branch of government is the Union Assembly; composed of the directly elected Chamber of Deputies and the Chamber of Senators (or Senate) nominated by various means. The Landsgemeinde, an open-air legislative body, is vested with the power of recalling any public office.




The Union Assembly and the Landsgemeinde jointly compose the legislative branch, with the latter remaining largely redundant unless the population needs to make its opinions known.

Political parties

Party Name Logo Short name Leader Position Colours Seats
Chamber of Deputies Chamber of Senators
Workers' Party of Libereco Workers' Leon Simpson far-left red
2 / 2
1 / 3

Administrative divisions

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