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Union of International Football
Formation16 July 2015
TypeFootball Association
HeadquartersWoking, United Kingdom
PresidentDanny Clarke

The Union of International Football, or the UIF, is a federation of football associations, predominantly those of micronations, established in July 2015 to compete against the Micronational Football Association that UIF members consider to have failed on fulfilling on its role to organise teams effectively and its apparent inactivity, denied by the MFA president.


The UIF is a registered company limited by guarantee (non-profit organisation) under UK law. The organisation is governed primarily by the UIF Congress consisting of its member FAs, and the UIF Congress was formed to provide the governing body with an increased amount of democracy and transparency then that exercised by the President governed MFA. Each full UIF member as well as the President of the UIF who is also given 1 vote in the UIF Congress while observer members are given no voting powers but can participate in UIF Congress discussions.

As well as this organising committees are formed in order to plan and prepare for upcoming competitions. However, because competitions are organised by the UIF, and not a single host FA, the organising committee is made up of a number of local FAs and other micronations to participate and increase interest and participation in competitions and supporting fans.


The MFA has a President who oversees the running of the organisation. The president is elected by the UIF Congress annually with both all members entitled to vote in the election. However, members from tiers 2 to 5 votes are counted as 2 votes, will tier 1 votes are only counted as 1 vote. The standing president is also unable to operate as the delegate of a member FA if they are elected as president of the UIF.

Name Country Term Notes
Danny Clarke Dale Republic 16 July 2015 to Present


The membership of the UIF is a tiered structure, dividing teams between 5 catagories, based on a team's history and ability to play fixtures, however a minimum requirement for all members above tier 2 is also included, these requirements are;

  1. All Nations applying must submit
  2. All nations applying must submit an FA logo (this can be COA)
  3. All nations applying must submit at least a named real life 5-a-side squad
  4. All nations applying must submit a national anthem, and should send us a link to the music of it (without vocals) to us
  5. All nations applying must submit a flag
  6. All nations applying must submit a named UIF delegate
  7. All nations applying must play at least 1 5-a-side fixture in a 1 year period, or be demoted to observer status
  8. Any nations applying to participate in a UIF competition must play 1 11-a-side fixture at least 6 months prior to the competitions start date

Tier 5

Tier 5 FAs are those that have competed in at least UIF recognised 1 competition, either organised by the UIF or another body, ConIFA, NF-Board or single FA, but only those approved by the UIF.

Tier 4

Tier 4 FAs are those that have competed in at least 5 friendlies, both home and away, but not a competition.

Tier 3

Tier 3 FAs are those that have competed in at least 1 friendly, either at home or away, fewer than 5 and no competitions.

Tier 2

Tier 2 FAs are those that have not competed in any friendly but do have the player numbers to do so. (Because UIF rules require members to play at least 1 fixture a year, excluding Tier 1, members can only remain in Tier 2 for 1 year)

Code Nation Association National teams Founded UIF
VRT Vertigo Federat Vertigan de Futbol Men's 2015 2015 Asia
VYK Vyktory Vyktoryan Football Association Men's 2014 2015 Oceania

Tier 1

Tier 1 FAs are those that are unable to compete in a fixture of any format, but are capable of participating in UIF organising committees

Code Nation Association National teams Founded UIF
DAR Dale Republic Dale Republic Football Association Men's 2011 2015 Europe
NDL Nedland Football Association of Nedland Men's 2015 2015 North America

UIF structured tournaments

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