Union dels Socialistas per Esecina

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Union of Socialists for Esecina
Union dels Socialistas per Esecina
LeaderMartino Nudo
SloganEntre tot un país (A Country Between All)
Founded20 February 2019
IdeologySocialist nationalism
Democratic socialism
Social democracy
Political positionLeft-wing politics
International affiliation-
Official colorsRed
National Assembly of Esecina
0 / 4

The Union of Socialists for Esecina, officially Union dels Socialistas per Esecina (USPE), is a political party born on 20 February 2019 in Esecina, of Leftist and Occitan nationalist ideology.

USPE defends that the Occitan national identity is fundamental for the good development of Esecina. According to its postulates, Esecina must lead the development of an Occitan national identity by promoting cultural activities and rescuing the history of the Occitan people who have been repressed throughout history. To make Esecina a successful country, it is necessary to combine nationalist policies with values of socialism that guarantee equal opportunities and the equitable distribution of wealth and power in Esecina.