UCR Corner Benches

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The Federation of Corner Benches
UCR Corner Benches
Corner Benches
The Benches

Flag of the UCRCB.png
Coa of the UCRCB.png
Coat of Arms

We aim for the stars!
Song of The workers
Capital cityCity of Benchgrad
Largest cityMunicipal District
Official language(s)English
DemonymCorner Bencher, Dilly
GovernmentUnitary socialist republic
- AdminsGamri
Mai Sakurajima
LegislatureThe Politburo
Established9th October 2018
30th October 2018
January 2019
Ceased to exist
Area claimed1119.45 sq ft
613.543 sq ft
(accessible territory)
(2018 census)
CurrencyTea flask (Շ)
Time zoneGreenwich Mean Time (GMT)
National animalAphid, Solenopsis invictus
Map of the FCB after federalisation.

The Federation of Corner Benches (FCB), also known as the United Communist Republic of Corner Benches, or the U.C.R.C.B., was a country in the United Kingdom, landlocked by England, primarily based on the networking software, discord. The capital city, Benchgrad, encompasses approximately 25% of the nation.

Their currency, the tea flask, was selected as the national currency due to nationwide ownership of tea flasks. Originally designated on the 16th October 2018, one UCRCB 'tea flask', is equivalent to 13 British pounds.


It was established after a small group of people with common ideas and beliefs felt that they needed freedom, liberty and free thought. The consensus of the FCB is to obtain benches, to further expand the nation.

As the nation became federalised, Corner Benches split into two other autonomous regions, Benchgrad, and Ecchistan.


The first law that was ever established in the UCRCB, was the 12th October Exemplary act, surpassed by the General Secretary and one of the founding members, Gamri. Since federalisation, on the 29th of October, the act has been abolished.

The first piece of legislation established in the FCB.