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Types of government


The Tyrinism is a far-right political ideology, which defend absolute monarchy, militarism, and originaly cooperation with Tyrisian Empire.


Tyrinist ideology is based on the principe that the women, being part of a permament and influential population, acquire major responsabilities such as joining the army, protecting the men who are vulnerable and making the marxist feminism illegal, with a support of the unipartidist system and the teachings of militarism, including the ones that are important for the defense of the national sovereignty, as well as the planetarian unification process among all species.

Tyrinism in micronationalism

At the exception of Urielandia First Movement and of Urielandish Tyrinist Party, is succesor, there is no other micronational parties wich defends Tyrinism since 23 June 2021, date of dissolution of this party, and at the exception of Tyrinisian Empire there is no other micronation wich defends Tyrinism.