Tsardom of Nichensburg

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Kingdom of Nichensburg
Kreljevina Ničensběrg

Nichensburg flag.png
Nichish coat of arms6.svg
Coat of Arms

"Deo Est Iustitia"
God is Justice

National anthem:
"Prayer of Normans"

CapitalCoA Ivanstone.pngBrienberg

Official languageEnglish, Slavogermanic

Official religionChalcedonian Christianity


GovernmentExecutive constitutional monarchy
 • MonarchHRM King Ludwig Brienović
 • Chief JusticiarHRH Archduke Philip de Clare

LegislatureRoyal Congress

Established1 February 2018



CGSC3.6 (2020)
DMPI4.6 (2020)

Patron SaintSt. Marko Krizin
Government website

Nichensburg, officially Kingdom of Nichensburg, sometimes addressed as Nichen or "Nich" (Latin: Regnum Nichensburg; Croatian: Kraljevina Ničensburg) is a self-proclaimed sovereign state, by external observers addressed as a micronation, holding claims in the Republic of Croatia, Federative Republic of Brazil, United States and the United Kingdom focused around the development of christianity, christian morality, and catholic traditions. His Royal Majesty, Ludwig Brienović refered Nichensburg as a "project" and as a "Heir to the Christendom".

Nichensburgians also believe in the concept of the Divine Theory of Monarchs, according to the various sources from the nation, a system in which the king claims to have received power from God himself, which could also mean that God himself can take away the power of the monarch. The Normano-Nichish Kingdom is a de jure constitutional monarchy, where the power of the sovereign prince is limited by unwritten constitution, but has power to veto elections, voting and laws.

Etymology and denonym

Name Nichensburg consists of Nichen and (s)burg, with Nichen holding no meaning, and -burg being added to mediaval and/or ancient towns. It is worth noting that -burg can be traced to 3 languages: Latin, English and German. Nichensburg is also sometimes informally called "Nichen" or "Nich".
For its citizens, Nichensburg uses "Nichens", although sometimes "Nichensburgians" is used.


The first Principality of Nichensburg was founded around 2018 by Sir Christop Billung as the "Kingdom of Begonia". Begonia was largery inactive between February-May 2020. In the transition from September to October 2020, The Kingdom of Begonia was rebranded as The Kingdom of Nichensburg, making it an important title. Sir Christoph decided to give up project to the Kingdom of Brienia as "internal personal union member state", and continue his work in then Grand Principality of Begon. The Principality continued to be an internal personal union member state until the February 2021, when Brienian King Višeslav II. Brienović departed from Brienia and community, but came back and proclaimed independence from Brienia under Nichensburg. Regnal name of Brienović was changed to "Ludwig Brienović".

The Kingdom of Normandy was founded on October 10th 2020, claiming successorship to the medieval Duchy of Normandy. The Kingdom was founded to promote the traditional Western European culture and the Catholic Faith, and monarchy. On 3o March 2021, King of Normandy Louis de Blois accepted an offer of union from HSH The Prince.

Normano-Nichish Kingdom

Normano-Nichish Kingdom was a micronation that ruled over the lands of Nichensburg. It was, as said, formed by the Act of Union. Normano-Nichish Kingdom was a dual monarchy].

Normano-Nichish Kingdom continued to exist for month and a half, until dualism was brought to an end on 15 May 2021.

Politics and government

His Royal Majesty, King Ludwig is the current King of the Kingdom of Nichensburg. The purpose of the prince's office is to look after the whole nation, veto elections, votings and laws to protect the nation from heresy. The prince has limited power under unwritten constitution, and cannot be removed from office, and rules until abdication or death. The King directly chooses the Congressmen. The title of king is inherited, and will be given to the eldest son. The current prince (Ludwig Brienović) has been ruling Nichensburg since October 2020 as its Grand Duke, and since February 2021 as its prince.

The Royal Congress is a unicameral legislature. All of the laws need to be approved by the senate, since it has much delegated power. It is also worth mentioning that the Royal Congress chooses the Chief Justiciar, who is then approved by the monarch.


Flag Coat of Arms Name Population Noble
Randouler Flag.jpg RANDOULER flag.png Randouler 0 registered citizens Arhcduke
HRM King Ludwig Brienović
Flag Middlestonia.png MIDDLESTONIA coat of arms.png Middlestonia 0 registered citizens Archduke
HRM King Ludwig Brienović
BAYEUX flag.png BAYEUX coa.png Bayeux 0 registered citizens Arhcduke
HRE Ban Louis de Blois
SP flag.png SP coa.png Saint Peter 0 registered citizens Archduke
HRH Archduke Philip de Clare
ITARCIS flag.png ITARCIS coa.png Itarcis 1 registered citizen Archduke
HRE Ban Louis de Blois
Grassia Flag.svg GRASSAE coa.png Grassae 0 registered citizens Duke
HRM King Ivan Brienović
ULIA flag 2020.png ULIA coa.png Ulia 1 registered citizen Duke
HRM King Ivan Brienović
ARMADARSK flag.png ARMADARSK coa.png Armadarsk 0 registered citizens Duke
HIllH Duke Carl von Werzberg
NORMANDY flag.png NORMANDY coa.png Normandy Unknown number of registered citizens Duke
HRE Ban Louis de Blois
NEW PORTUGALLIA coa.png HIBERNIA coa.png New Portugallia Unknown number of registered citizens Duke
HRE Ban Louis de Blois
THOUARS coa.png THOUARS coa2.png Thouars Unknown number of registered citizens Duke
HRE Ban Louis de Blois
CHERBOURG flag.png CHERBOURG coa.png Cherbourg Unknown number of registered citizens Duke
HRE Ban Louis de Blois
HIBERNIA flag2.png HIBERNIA coa2.png Hibernia Unknown number of registered citizens Duke
HRE Ban Louis de Blois
NEWGWENT flag.png NEWGWENT coa.png New Gwent Unknown number of registered citizens Duke
HIllH Duke Ethan Fergusson
Autonomous Towns
Ivanstone.jpg CoA Ivanstone.png Ivanstone 5 registered citizens Governor
HHRM King Višeslav II. Brienović
DRAYTON flag 2.svg CoA Drayton.png Drayton 0 registered citizens Governor
Tom Mark
StUriel.flagnew.png StUriel.coanew.png Most Serene Republic of Saint Uriel Unknown Rector
HRE Ban Alojzije Itarcis (in Saint Uriel known as His Grace the Rector)
Itarcis Unknown Ban
HE Leo Franjević

Law and order

Laws of the Kingdom are decided by acts of the Royal Congrss and decrees of the monarch. Order is maintained and ensured by the royal guard. Pontunia has its own militia, called on in times of war.

Foreign relations

The Kingdom of Nichensburg has many diplomatic relations, and has two classes of treaties.



Nichensburg has also established contacts with many other micronations (as in their leaders) such as Republic of Sohnland, Empire of Austenasia, Empire of Pavlov (In Nichensburg known as "Pavlovija"), Grand Duchy of Australis, and many more; but has no formal treaty with them.


Geography and climate

Nichensburg is 90% flat, and has access to the sea via the Kingdom of Pontunia.

Nichensburg's climate varies.


Nichensburg has unrecorded GDP, and publicly supports distributist economy, and claims to have one de jure, but is de facto feudalist.

Culture and media

Culture of Nichensburg is inspired by the culture of Illyrians, Croats and Dalmatians.

Its a well-known fact that Nichensburg has it's own language called "Slavonichish", which is inspired by many Slavic languages, and uses Glagolithic alphabet.

Nichensburg has it's own online newsletter, called "Royal Gazette", which is hosted on Nichish website.

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