Treaty of Concord (2018)

The Treaty of Concord was a treaty written in December of 2017, and presented in January of 2018, after the Battle of Nishlorpia. It stated that the war would be finished, recognised that Nishlorpia started the war without provocation and that the monarch, Molly, must issue a handshake to both John I and John Timpson, then Duke of Cascadia. It was signed by Her Majesty Molly of Nishlorpia, and His Majesty the King. It is one of the two treaties signed in Concord, Baustralia.

Treaty of Concord
Created27 December 2017
Presented9 January 2018
Date effective9 January 2018
LocationBaustralia Concord, HM Dist., Baustralia
Author(s)Royal Standard of Baustralia.svg John I
Signatories Baustralia
PurposeEnd the Battle of Nishlorpia


Treaty of Peace Between Baustralia And Nishlorpia
To end unprovoked aggravation from Nishlorpia
Signed at Concord, HM District, Baustralia, Janurary 09 2017

Part I - Nishlorpian Reparation

Article I
The government of Nishlorpia must not provoke war again with Baustralia, the 2nd Kingdom of Flavora, Wangatangia or Tentacion. Secondly, they must issue a formal handshake to His Majesty John I, and the Duke of Cascadia.

Part II - Baustralian Reparation

Article I
The government of Nishlorpia wishes full recognition from the Kingdom and its Commonwealth and their member states.

Part III - Signatures

(Signed John I)
Monarch of Baustralia
His Majesty John I
(Signed Molly R)
Monarch of Nishlorpia
Her Majesty Molly