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|keydocument1    =
|keydocument1    =
<!-- (etc.) -->
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|website        = http://empireofadammia.org.uk/gov/infrastructure/transport
|website        = [http://empireofadammia.org.uk/gov/infrastructure/transport]
|footnotes      =  
|footnotes      =  
|map            =  
|map            =  

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Transport Network Agency
Agency overview
Formed8th March 2014
JurisdictionEmpire of Adammia
Agency executive
Parent departmentMinistry of Infrastructure

The Transport Network Agency is an agency of the Adammic National Government in the Empire of Adammia, operated by the Ministry of Infrastructure. It is responsible for maintaining the Empire's transport routes and regulating their use. It was created on the 8th March 2014 by the Government Bodies and Postal Service Act 2014. Emperor Adam I, the Minister of Infrastructure, then appointed himself the Director of the agency.

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