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Transdonia (2013-2014)

"People's Republic of England" redirects here. It is not to be confused with England.

People's Republic of England

2013 — 2014

Transdonian Flag.png
Transdonian Emblem.png

"Proletarians, unite"
Worker's Marseillaise
Capital cityWest Acomb
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)None (State Atheism)
and / or English
GovernmentMarxist-Leninist socialist republic
LegislaturePeople's Chamber
CurrencyTransdonian Pound (£) (TRP)

Transdonia is a breakaway territory (also a micronation) located on Great Britain, it is surrounded on all sides by the United Kingdom. It is governed as the People's Republic of England (PRE). The United Kingdom does not recognise the PRE and considers most of the territory of Transdonia as part of the United Kingdom. Its national council is a self-described Marxist Leninist led by the Socialist Unity Party of England. The Transdonian national council states it is heavily influenced by Trotskyism and the writings of Karl Marx and V.I. Lenin. The Transdonian national council states it focuses on creating a classless society.