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Trakklass is the belief and religion in Ýlfheym[unknown dimension] and Ýlfalärn[fifth dimension] and one prophet called Sarkonüx [This dimension]. They do not claim to have created the earth, but are merely just offspring from spirits that had forgotten where they come from and had become lost and there is therefore no god, but there are icons which are the King and Queen spirits of the believers and the pure. The King spirit is called Vu'idnað and the Queen spirit is called Arikixnað.

Ýlfheym is what one would call their “Heaven” or “Paradise”. Ýlfheym is called Panteröll in Elder Ýlfamál (Elder Wolf Language). Ýlfheym is also where Vu'idnað, Arikixnað and the returning spirits are. If one stays somewhat true to the belief of Trakklass/Eyxýlfänþe that spirit is worthy to return to Ýlfheym, to have a break, stay there as long as it wants and then return if it wants to or if Vu'idnað or Arikixnað demand it. Almost all the spirits are sent to Ýlfalærn [fifth dimension], and sending spirits to this dimension appears to be an extreme rarity, but that can though, not be proven, as the Vu'idnað and Arikixnað keep the number of spirits a secret.

Trakklass is the official religion of the Republic of Munkkia


In the beginning of these spirits they were lost and had been so for a very long time and could not remember back in time. They found a place to stay in this universe, but they were adventurous and therefore explored it. They reached 3rd dimension (our dimension) and settled somewhere in or near the north pole. They formed the ice and transformed it into polarwolves and they went inside them. Later, when they saw humans they thought they’d make some humans as well. They did so and found a little human free country and called it Ýlfalärn. At this time Ýlfheym existed, though, just with an other name, which was Panteröll. They all spoke the same language of the spirits, and honoured the King and Queen spirits, even though, they’ve created themselves.

Medieval times

In the medieval times, the Nords settled their country. They were welcomed and they made trades. Though later the Nords took over the country and made a Jarl there. The Ýlfik people ended up almost forgetting their religion and language and converted to Ásatrú and spoke some kind of Nordic language (which later developed to Nordic Ýlfamál). Those who were still polarwolves and spirits thought that they’d punish them and moved them to dimension 5. There the Ýlfik people took over and killed all the Nords and regained power. Their belief was restored, but there were no so-called “clean” or “pure” ones until later, when the Trakklassian religion was taken back up. Ýlfalærn was moved to 5th dimension at about age 1000.


There is not much knowledge of what has happened recently besides that Prophet Sarkonüx has written. He said that Ýlfheym does not have a scripture, but has eddas instead. These are yet to be translated, as they are written in Ikxeða - Ice Tongue.