Tony I, King of Arkonia

King Tony I, or as he is sometimes known, Tony I, The Honorable Ruler, the King of Arkonia and it's Sovereign People is the First King of Arkonia. He was appointed by the 1st Prime Minister(P.M.) in late November 2017.

King of Arkonia
King Tony Standard.png
A. Dillman (as Emperor)

Style His Majesty
Heir apparent as yet unnamed
First monarch Tony I
Formation 29 March 2019 - ...
King Tony at school, May 2017

Ascension to the throne

After the Kingdom was formed by the 1st Prime Minister and his brother, the Future King Tony was the first person to join Arkonia besides its founders. Soon after, he was invited to be the king after the 1st P.M. decided to change Arkonia from a republic to a monarchy. He is not very active in the micronational community.

Reign's end

On 22 January 2019, when the Prime Minister officialises the transition of the Kingdom of Arkonia into a Republic, Tony wasn't King anymore, so his reign was ended at this day. It has lasted approximately 1 year and 2 months. But when the country was becomed a monarchy (an Empire, more precisely) again, Tony I couldn't return to the throne, because the Prime Minister, A. Dillman claimed himself Arkonian Emperor.

Outside Arkonia

King tony is an avid swimmer. He is very good, achieving 1st Place almost every time in his age group. He also did play football for his school team, but does not anymore.