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#REDIRECT [[Lilylandian Free State]]
{{Infobox official 2
| name = Sir Tom Turtleton
| image = TOMTURTLETON.jpg
| office 1 = [[The Office of The Chancellor of Lilylandia|2nd Chancellor von Lilylandia]]
| hos 1 = Monarch
| hos name 1 = [[Roxy I]],[[Lily I of Lilylandia|Lily I]]
| assumed/in 1 = In
| date 1 = January 20th, 2016 - June 10th, 2017
| predecessor 1 = [[Ayden Speiter]] <small>(''Acting'')</small>
| successor 1 = [[Edward von Elephänburger]]
| office 2 = [[Club 88|Club 88 Member]]
| hos 2 = Owner
| hos name 2 = [[Max I of Lilylandia|Max I]]
| assumed/in 2 = In
| date 2 = June 20th, 2017 - May 28th, 2018
| office 3 = 1st [[Green Party of Lilylandia|President of the Green Party]]
| hos 3 = Vice President
| hos name 3 = Henry Hen
| hog 3 = Secretary
| hog name 3 = Shellie May
| assumed/in 3 = In
| date 3 = April 15th, 2015 - January 20th, 2016
| successor 3 = ''Party Disolved''
| birthname = Tom Turtleton
| birthdate = January 5th 1929
| deathdate = May 28th, 2018 (age 89)
| citizenship = [[Kingdom of Lilylandia|Lilylandian]], [[British]]
| party = [[Foxist Partei von Lilylandia]]
| otherparty = [[Green Party of Lilylandia|Green Party of L.K.]] <small>(2010 - 2017)</small><br />
| religion = Presbyterian
'''Tom Turtleton''' is a [[Kingdom of Lilylandia|Lilylandian]] [[w:Conservatism|conservative]] politician and businessman. He lead the [[Green Party of Lilylandia|Green Party of L.K.]] from 2015 to 2016 before taking the office of the High Chancellor. He is a former activist and formerly loyal to the Oxfordian Crown, until 2015 when the Foxist-Socialists took over the country.
==Early life==
Born in [[London]], [[England]]. Tom Turtleton grew up with his father being the Prime Minister of The Stuffed Animal United Kingdom (which is now defunct). When his father was assassinated by revolutionists he was forced into a concentration camp. The night he was thrown in jail he escaped leaving behind his family and British life. He immigrated to Lilylandia and finished school in The University of Turtltoya.
==Political career==
Tom enrolled in the Armed Forces of Lilylandia at the age of 26. Soon he found himself leading the 25th Aqua Division. They were deployed during the Torean-Lilylandian War. His division never lost any men during that war and won the most battles then any other division! He was a national hero! When the Charlie Missile Crisis he resigned as Grand Admiral of the Royal Navy. The Green Party then offered him a job as the Secretary of the Party and joined in 2010. He became the face of the Party and the leader 5 years later in 2015. Activists patrolled the streets against the corrupt dictatorship of Ayden Speiter. They asked for the Queen to get involved, the Royal Family said: NO! The Royal Family REFUSED to get involved in this political matter. Ayden Speiter then ordered for the Secret Police to arrest the leaders of the Green Party. They were ordered to execute them by executive order, but congress vetoed it and voted to impeach Ayden. Ayden dissolved congress and declared himself, Supreme Leader of Lilylandia. The Secret Police did not like what there Chancellor was doing and arrested him by Royal Order from the Queen. Ayden was arrested and put on trial for treason and was sentenced to exile. Tom stepped in as acting Chancellor. He was then elected to an official term in November 2015.
==1st Term==
When Tom became Chancellor he had a lot of things to deal with, including a new cabinet, new supreme courts, and Leading the Green Party to Glory. But, with a turn of events changed parties to Foxism due to the Green Party losing funds and changing ideals. Foxisim became more right then the Green Party and became the National Party. Tom had many Diplomatic trips to other micronations. But on January 3, 2017 an attempt assassination of the Chancellor happened in Toycow at 11:53 AM. The suspect was later arrested and executed by the Toy Federation for his crimes.
==2nd Term==
Tom was relected on January 20, 2017, but quickly resigned due to health reasons
On June 10, 2017, Tom Turtleton resigned due to health reasons. He was knighted at 11:00 AM of the same day by Lily after his resignation.
On May 28, 2018, Sir Tom Turtleton died due to Stage 4 Brain Cancer. Slabermen Palace released a statement after the Inauguration of [[Madame Blackberry]], "Sir Tom died early this morning at 8:45 LRT (EST+4) this monrning. He did not live to see the inauguration on TV." His last words were this, "Blackberry will be Lilylandia's Savior, God Bless the Queen." He then bowed his head and died. Lilylandia's second Chancellor died at the age of 89.

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