Tom Martin

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Tom Martin was one of the original members of Team Time and the Mohawks, and served as an ambassador to NED. He was an honorary citizen of NED and was later Emperor of the Mohawk Empire in 2014.

Service in the Mohawks

As Tom was one of the original members of Team Time, he was also one of the founding members of the Mohawks. He served as a soldier in the Mohawk army, along with other notables such as Will McCracken. He was present at the Great Battle of 2004, and helped encourage the expansion of the Mohawks into Cheriton Fitzpaine. He continued to serve the Mohawks into the Northern Wars and after the dissolution of the Mohawks, served in the NED civil war.

Post Mohawk Career

Following the defeat of Presidential forces in the NED civil war, Tom along with many other Mohawks refused to associate with the states that survived in the Den World sector. However, he became involved with the DEONQED following the accession of Ben Cain to the throne. He was a signatory of the DEONQED Law Code and in 2014, proclaimed himself Emperor of the Mohawk Empire following the separation of the title Emperor of the Mohawks from the Emperor of Borealia. Although that Empire soon fell into inactivity following conflict with the Empire of Adammia, Tom is the sole member of an online resistance against the Adammic Empire.