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Sir Tom Mark
The Right Honourable
Official portrait made by Jimmy Foodle
Prime Minister of Rhodesia
assumed office
7th July 2017
Predecessor Office Established
Successor Incumbent
Prime Minister of Ainsworth-Fesmar
assumed office
30th June 2020 - 3rd August
Predecessor Seán Dagda
Successor Iggy Hockenheim
Born July 4, Hampshire, United Kingdom Flag of the United Kingdom.png
Military service
Allegiance St.Pat Salt.png Commonwealth of Rhodesia
Battles/wars Rhodesian Civil War

Sir Tom Mark KOR is a micronationalist mainly based in Rhodesia and Fesmar.

Pre Micronational life

Tom Mark was born on the 4th July, he was born in Portsmouth, a city in the south of England. In 2015, he was with his Grandmother when she told him that when his Dad was 8 he made his own nation. Tom saw an opportunity to carry on his father's nation.

Micronational life

He began Dixie in 2015 and it later began to expand. Churchill (Lead by Tom Mark's Grandfather Stan) asked if we could change the title of Chancellor of Dixie to Prime Minister of Rhodesia (Named after Cecil Rhodes). Tom Mark agreed to this. So he was inaugurated as Prime Minister on the 7th June 2017.