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Timonoucite Empire

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Empire of the Sanarati Republics

Greek: Σαναρατ

Gujarati: સનરાતં

Circle Island flag.png
Timonoucitian Flag.png

Timonoucitian Flag.png
Coat of arms of the Timonocite Empire.png
Coat of arms

ઓ ભગવાન! (Gujarati: O god!)
Land of the Brave Men

Timonocitian Terrirotial Claims
Territorial Claims
Capital citySaraseubad
Largest cityWooleytown
Official language(s)English, Gujarati, Excitementorian, Cytoprios, Greek
Official religion(s)Hinduism
Short nameTimonocite Empire; Sanarat
DemonymTimonocitian, Sanarati
GovernmentConstitutional Heriditary Monarchy and Parliamentary Semi-Democracy
- Great EmperorEshaan I
- Prime MinisterDaniel McGrath
- Army ChiefAdityan Ragudaran
Established28 September 2019
Population204 (estimated)
CurrencyTimonocite Empire Timonocitian Naahse

Republic of Cubia Cubian Cubecoin (unofficial)
w:India Indian Rupee (unofficial)

w:United States US Dollar (unofficial)
Time zoneSee: Timonocitian Time
National sportSwimming
National animalEmperor Penguin
Patron saintMahant Swami Maharaj
This nation is attempting to found NAMO, North Atlantic Micronational Organisation.
This nation is a member of the Assembly of Micronations Against Communism

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The Timonocite Empire, officially the Empire of the Sanarati Republics, known also as Sanarat, is a sovergein microstate in North America completely surrounded by the United States, more commonly referred to as a micronation by outsiders. The nation is ruled by Great Emperor Eshaan I as of October 2020.

The Timonocite Empire is currently working on diplomatic relations with the National Union of Cubia and the Empire of Austenasia.


The name Timonocite Empire comes from the original two nations (SEnteral Excitement and Timo) which banded together.

There is Timosenteralexcitementian Empire, then Timoexcitement Empire, then Timocite Empire. The "no" as in Timonocite was added to make the word better, Timonocite Empire. In general, people are currently taught that the "o" represents Cytopia ant the "n" is Dhruvland.


Map of the Timonocite Empire in February 2020, after the Timonocitian Civil War.


The Timonocite Empire was initially established as the Republic of SEnteral Excitement. Days later, before the government had entirely formed, on 4 October 2019, the Timonian Republic had declared independence. A civil war (better referred to as a cold civil war) known as the Timonocitian Civil War had erupted.

Politics and government

Main article: Politics of the Timonocite Empire

Law and order

Main article: TEPAJA

Foreign relations

The Timonocite Empire is seldom recognised by no macronations outside its legislature. However, it is recognised by the Democratic Party of Cubia in Cubia . However, it recognises a few nations.

Hostilities Recognised by Recognises Does not recognise
 Adammia  Cubia (only by DPC) SealandSealand


Principality of New EiffelNew Eiffel


w:South OssetiaSouth Ossetia


Federal Republic of Esbern

w:North KoreaNorth Korea




w:TaiwanRepublic of China

w:United StatesUnited States



w:ChinaPeople's Republic of China

Cubia gained recognition in late September 2020, after the Timonocite Empire asked Great Leader Llanfairpwllgwyngyll to join the Timonocite Empire. A few months later,[how many?] they had declared independence from the UK and refused to join the Timonocite Empire. The Timonocite Empire claimed the area until they were convinced to recognise Cubia.


The Timonocitian Armed Forces consist of a Sanarati Royal Computer Force, Sanarati Royal Aerospace Force, the Sanarati Royal Blue Army and the Sanarati Water Force and Coast Guard.

Sanarati Royal Computer Force

The largest branch of the military, the Computer Force, mostly handles cyber attacks from micronations and macronations, as well as attack others by hacking. It is also known as SRCF.

Sanarati Royal Aerospace Force

This branch of the military is known to launch rockets and own the country's space agency, SESA. It is also known as the SRAF.

Sanarati Royal Blue Army

The army currently includes all people who know karate in the Timonocite Empire. It is also known as the SRBA.

Sanarati Water Force and Coast Guard

Also known as the SWFACG, the Sanarati Water Force and Coast Guard handles naval and coast guard responsibilities. There are no ships currently, however 2 patrol boats have been proposed.


Main article: Timonocitian Naahse

The Timonocite Empire's economy is based on the Naahse, the sole official currency. However, most businesses, including the largest, E11, also accept US Dollars. Unofficially, the Cubecoin and Indian Rupee may also be used, but they are, along with the US Dollar, unlikely to be accepted as legal tender by the government. However, due to the autonomy of it, the government of Cytopia accepts US Dollars as the sole legal currency of the duchy.


The empire is divided into 3 duchies and 5 territories. 1 duchy remains autonomous.


Map Flag Arms Name Duke Notes
SEnteral Excitement Shreekrishna Vasant Avhad
Timo Arms.png
Grand Duchy of Timo Pravar Gollamudi
Flag of cytopia.png
Cytopia COA.png Kingdom of Cytopia Charles Rashotsky Autonomous duchy status


With the duchies, there are five (5) territories:

Map Flag Arms Name Duke Notes
Cupertino map.png Cupertino Flag.png Arms of Cupertino.png Cupertino Territory Duchess Shaili Patel

Biduchess Eshani Patel

Crine map.png Crine flag.png N/A Crine Territory Duchess Anika Patel

Biduchess Shivani Patel

Saraseubad map.png Sbadflag.png Coat of arms of the Timonocite Empire.png Saraseubad Capital Territory Emperor Eshaan I Divided between Timo and SEnteral Excitement
Choksi Territory.jpg Choksi Map.png Choksi Arms.png Choksi Territory The dukes prefer not to say name
DhruvlandLocation.png DhruvlandFlag.png N/A Dhruvland Territory Duke Dhruv Banerjee

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