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Timonocite Empire

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Empire of the Sanarati Republics

Greek: Σαναρατ

Gujarati: સનરાતં

Timonocitian Flag.pngCoat of arms of the Timonocite Empire.png

ઓ ભગવાન! (Gujarati: O god!)
Land of the Brave Men

Timonocitian Terrirotial Claims
Territorial Claims
Capital citySaraseubad
Largest cityWooleytown
Official language(s)English, Gujarati, Excitementorian, Cytoprios, Greek
Official religion(s)Hinduism
Short nameTimonocite Empire; Sanarat
DemonymTimonocitian, Sanarati, Excited
GovernmentParliament & Constitutional Monarchy
- Great EmperorEshaan I
- Prime MinisterDaniel McGrath
- Army ChiefAdityan Ragudaran
Established28 September 2019
Population204 (estimated)
CurrencyTimonocitian Naahse
Time zoneSee: Timonocitian Time
National sportSwimming
National animalPenguin
This nation is attempting to found NAMO, North Atlantic Micronational Organisation.

Government website

The Timonocite Empire, officially the Empire of the Sanarati Republics, is a micronashun in North America completely surrounded by Monmouth County, New Jersey in the United States. The nashun is ruled by Great Emperor Eshaan I. The nashun was founded on 28 September 2019. It is one of the first micronashuns to be founded by upper elementary school children. They also have plans to scam Donald Jefferson Trump, president of their parent country, the Republic of the United States of America. It will be done by the military's cyber force, which uses the Internet to scam foreign enemies.


Newest known map of the Timonocite Empire

The name Timonocite Empire comes from the original two nashuns (SEnteral Excitement and Timo) which banded together.

There is Timosenteralexcitementian Empire, then Timoexcitement Empire, then Timocite Empire. The "no" as in Timonocite was added to make the word better, Timonocite Empire. In general, people are currently taught that the "o" represents Cytopia ant the "n" is Dhruvland.


Oldest known Timonocitian map

The Timonocite Empire was founded in northern Monmouth County, New Jersey. Eshaan B. Patel named the nashun SEnteral Excitement. In mid-October, though, the northern region was trying to declare independence. These "Timonian" people formed the Grand Duchy of Timo. SEnteral Excitement ended up with fourteen people and Timo with just four. The Timonians and the SEnteralexcitementians started arguing. With more people, the SEnteralexcitementians had gained the upper hand. They went trying to convince people on the other side to join their side, but none of the micronashuns succeded. Then during rage about who owns the microprovince of Nate City, Eshaan B. Patel created a treaty, and Pravar and him signed it, agreeing that SEnteral Excitement be ruled by Shreekrishna Avhad, Timo be ruled by Pravar Gollamudi, and the entire empire be ruled by Eshaan.

Eventually, the Coronavirus lockdown affected the Timonocite Empire. The emperor wrote that "8 ft social distancing shall be required regardless of race, religion or sex due to this new coronavirus outbreak."

Politics and government

Main article: Politics of the Timonocite Empire

Law and order

Main article: TEPAJA

Foreign relations

The Timonocite Empire is seldom recognised by few outside its legislature. However, it recognises a few nations.

Alliances Recognised by Recognises Does not recognise
National Union of CubiaCubia Austenasia Austenasia

National Union of CubiaCubia



Principality of New EiffelNew Eiffel


w:South OssetiaSouth Ossetia




Federal Republic of Esbern

w:North KoreaNorth Korea

w:United StatesUnited States

w:South KoreaSouth Korea


w:European UnionEuropean Union

w:Northern CyprusNorthern Cyprus


The millitary has a Cyber Force, an Army, a Navy and an Aerospace force. There are still incomplete.


Main article: Timonocitian Naahse


The empire is divided into 5 duchies. Sarasæữbad, the capital, has had seccessionist movements to become its own duchy, and is sometimes recognised.


Map Flag Arms Name Duke
SEnteral Excitement Shreekrishna Vasant Avhad
Timo Arms.png
Grand Duchy of Timo Pravar Gollamudi
Flag of cytopia.png
N/A Kingdom of Cytopia Charles Rashotsky
N/A Dhruvland Dhruv Banerjee
Coat of arms of the Timonocite Empire.png
Sarasæữbad, the capital of the nashun Emperor Eshaan I


With the duchies, there are two territory:

Map Flag Arms Name Duke
- Cupertino Flag.png Arms of Cupertino.png Cupertino Territory Duchess Shaili Patel

Biduchess Eshani Patel

- N/A N/A Crine Territory Duchess Anika Patel

Biduchess Shivani Patel

See also

Timonocite Units of length[a]


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