Themata Las Islas

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Themata Las Islas
Antiquitian Empire

Themata Las Islas.png
Largest cityN/A
Official language(s)English
GovernmentParticipatory Democracy with Senate and Consul
- Consul/DivisDivis Trevus
LegislatureOpen Senate
- Type - Unicameral
Established31 August 2012
CurrencyCanadian Dollar ($)

Themata Las Islas (English: The Islands) is the smallest themata in the Antiquitian Empire and consists of Antiquity Point, Miami Islet, Ragged Islets and Tree Island. It is too small to for a group to permanently inhabit or to use for industry, so its main purpose is to serve as lands that any citizen may use freely to camp, rest, or explore. The sheer insignificance of it at first led to the empire questioning its usefulness early on in its creation. The two most viable options explored were to either merge it with a larger themata or to assimilate more land into the empire near the location to expand Las Islas size. Eventually they chose to assimilate Miami Islets and Ragged Islets to make it slightly more significant, though it remains the smallest themata.